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Home Workouts with Echelon

Home Workouts with Echelon 

The EchelonTM experience merges fitness and technology to create a virtual community where the catch phrase "never ride alone" is as real as downloading the EchelonTM Fit App and hopping on board one of their well-engineered cycles. 

The EchelonTM Fit App is available on the Apple store and Google Play store and it is revolutionising home fitness with its multi-fitness app capabilities. Riders have a choice from hundreds of on demand & live cycle classes, scenic rides as well as ‘non-bike’ workouts such as warm-ups, yoga, strength & balance, cardio, Zumba®, and more, all at their fingertips. There really is a class for every taste, age and fitness ability. 

Standing out from their competitors, the EchelonTM Experience provides a refreshing entry into the connected fitness market - with all the innovation and buzz of any competitor, at a fraction of the price! 

“We believe that Echelon’s World Class Experience will allow everyone to enjoy participating in fitness classes in the home at an affordable price” said Nancy McCaffrey, Director of The EchelonTM Experience.

EchelonTM: Connecting A Global Community One Home Workout At A Time

The first member of the EchelonTM family to launch in the UK is the EchelonTM Smart Connect EX3 Bike that comes with unlimited options to the Echelon Fit App. Ordered online on the brand’s website from as little as £1,238.99. 

The bike is sleek, sturdy and compact with a footprint of just 3ft 4in x 1ft 8in, the Connect Bike EX3 Max provides a high intensity workout without taking over your space. This is a bike suitable for anybody and any home! 

Unlike its competitors, there has been no compromise between comfort, functionality and style. The bike is ergonomically customizable, with an oversized seat that is adjustable in two dimensions and a handlebar console with adjustable height, angle and distance. A silent magnetic flywheel offers 32 levels of resistance, providing a challenging workout for any level of rider. 

Yet, the EchelonTM Experience is so much more than just a well-designed fitness bike. Rather, EchelonTM has created a product with the ultimate home fitness experience in mind, and one that connects riders from all over the world. 

With the EchelonTM Smart Connect Bike and integrated Live EchelonTM Fit App Technology, members can use their own screens (mobile phones, tablets or Samsung Fit Smart TVs) to join the global online community. Here, members can access a variety of live and on-demand classes and special events filmed in The EchelonTM Studio located in Chattanooga and Miami. Dozens of instructors from all backgrounds and teaching styles take daily cycle classes and a host of additional ‘off-bike’ classes too including Yoga, Stretching, Strength and High Intensity workouts to name but a few – tailored for all ages and all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. 

It is fun, it is energetic and the EchelonTM community is fast becoming a global sensation with thousands of riders joining classes daily to ride together. 

Riders can choose to pedal to beat their own personal best, or track their performance against the greater EchelonTM pack by viewing instant leaderboard updates for both live and on-demand rides. The app also allows riders to link up with friends via Facebook, Fitbit®, or Strava. 

With so much on offer in the virtual community, EchelonTM ensures that even if you are riding at home, you will never ride alone! 

To find out more about this and other EchelonTM products, please visit their website: www.echelonfit.uk 


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