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Getting fit: Our Four Top Tips


Summer is fast approaching, and it is getting to that time where people realise that they aren’t as fit as they’d like to be. Getting fit sounds great, but most people struggle on achieving this and get disheartened. Getting fit is very important and we recommend that you stay active and healthy because of the great health benefits. We’ve put together our top tips for getting fit this summer and how you can achieve the fitness level that you’ve always dreamed of.

Do it at your own pace

One of the most important tips when it comes to getting fit is to go at your own pace. Just because your friend can run a faster than you on the treadmill doesn’t mean that you aren’t making progress on your fitness journey! By setting yourself realistic goals based on how your body works, you can stay motivated and enjoy getting fit rather than getting let down. You can track your fitness progress by getting yourself some fitness accessories like a Fitbit.

Hold yourself accountable

Recording the amount of exercise that you do daily can help you reach your health and weight goals. By doing this, you can hold yourself accountable for the actions that you take and it is easier to see what you need to work on. If you can record details of the exercise you have done one week, you can look back on it the next and make sure that you are improving. This way you can see if you need to change your method and it is a great way of staying motivated.

Don’t do it if you’re too busy to commit

There is no reason why someone who is busy cannot take steps to improve their fitness levels. However, we think that if you are someone who lacks motivation in the first place, you will struggle to keep up with your goals in the long run. For this reason, we think that you should set some time aside to ensure that you have enough time to get fit and stay motivated. Otherwise you might just see yourself going to the gym less and less and getting disheartened.

Do it with a friend

Our final tip on getting fit is to find a friend to join you on your fitness journey. This will help you stay motivated and make getting fit more fun. This is also a great way to stay connected with an old friend who you don’t get to see as much. Having a fitness friend also works really well for people who don’t like to go to the gym. Friends who are getting fit together can go on long walks or runs and save money at the same time! Why not join a dance class like Zumba or take up a sport together? The options are endless, and we think that you should get started right now to improve your health!

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