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Snowboarding - 25. March 2008.

Torah grabs back Swatch TTR World N0 1 spot

Torah Bright set the bar early in the finals, breaking away from the pack with a near flawless run that consisted of a BS 3 indy, a switch BS 7 mute, a BS 5, a melon to fakie and ending with a cab 7 nose grab. Gretchen Bleiler (USA) however, didn’t back down with a huge FS 9 on her first hit. Kelly Clark (USA) brought out the big guns on her second run though, making the battle for Women’s Tour lead extremely close for the third and final run.


After washing out on her last attempt, Torah was left riding on her first run. Kelly Clark was unable to top her second run’s score, a run that included a mega FS air to BS 5 mute, FS 5, a huge method, to FS 9, ending with a big backside air. It was up to Gretchen Bleiler. But a strong effort from the US rider including a first-hit FS 9, to lofty BS air, a crippler, an indy into a FS 7 and into a cab 3, was not enough to give her the lead, placing Bleiler in Third, Clark in second and handing over to Bright the US Open Halfpipe Title and Tour lead.

Torah Bright AUS
Kelly Clark USA
Gretchen Bleiler USA
Soko Yamaoka JPN
Manuela Pesko SUI
Ellery Hollingsworth USA
Clair Bidez USA
Mercedes Nicoll CAN
Lindsey Jacobellis USA
Elizabeth Beerman USA
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