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Snowboarding - 13. August 2007.

Torah Bright is Half Pipe Champion at Snow Park NZ

By: Burton press office

Torah Bright (AUS), the current TTR Women's World Snowboard Tour Champion 0607, was in top form to take not only the women’s halfpipe title but also best trick with a switch backside 540 which was the last hit of her winning run. The run featured a backside five, air to fakie, cab720, frontside 540, backside 360 finishing with the switch BS5. The entire run was extremely well executed with every hit featuring a grab. Her early season victory at this prestigious TTR FIVE(5)STAR event moves her directly into the TTR Women's TOP 5 with just 2 results under her belt. She was the only rider able to break the full USA domination in the Men's and Women's TTR TOP 5.

Last year’s winner, Kelly Clark (USA), got second despite getting the highest amplitude in the girls’ field but Bright’s technical aspect stepped above Clark’s amplitude. With her second FIVE(5)STAR podium position in this season's TTR Women's World Snowboard Tour she is now leading with just 24,11 TTR ranking points in front of Hana Beaman (USA), who did not compete in this halfpipe event. Manuela Pesko (SUI) took out third with a good spin combination of threes, fives and sevens and enters the TTR ranking list 0708 with her first result of the season at position 19.

Event organiser, Reuben Yeoman said the event showed New Zealand snowboarding was now a definite force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

“This year’s open was a huge success, especially considering the weather conditions thrown at us,” he said. “One thing that really came through is New Zealand riders are matching it on a world level. It’s not just the big names such as Mitch Brown and Juliane Bray but there’s a real depth of talent that showed itself during the Burton Open.”

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