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Snowboarding - 06. June 2007.

Roxy announce three new members to UK Squad

Roxy are proud to announce three new members to their UK team. Roxy,
the leading boardsport company for girls and women and the little
sister of Quiksilver, already have a very strong UK team which
includes Aviemore's own British Snowboard Champion and Olympian,
Lesley McKenna. Up until now Lesley has been the only Scottish lass
on the UK Roxy Team but with a bit of encouragement from Lesley, Roxy
UK have taken three new Speyside girls under their wing and look
forward to helping them develop in their chosen boardsports. The new
girls on the team are snowboarders Ashley Smith, who is 15 and from
Newtonmore and Abigail Dempster who is 12 and from Aviemore. The
snowboarders are joined by local windsurfer Chloe Robertson who is
also 15 and is from Kingussie. Both Ashley and Abigail are members of
the Cairngorm Snowboard club and have been riding for 3 years. Chloe
is a member of the already very successful Loch Inch Monsters and has
only been windsurfing for one year. All three girls have excelled in
their sports and all show great talent and enthusiasm for the
boardsport life. Lesley hopes that with a little help from Roxy they
will all go on to be successful as she has been.

"It is so exciting to see these girls riding on the snow and water.
They are all very talented and I think they will go a long way. I am
proud that Roxy have decided to sponsor them and I hope that I can
help them along the way by passing on some of my experience.I think
it is great that they are all also from the Spey Valley and I hope
they inspire other young local girls to get into boardsports"

Ashley, Abigail and Lesley all headed to Loch Insh on Saturday to
cheer Chloe on in her 24 hour windsurf event. The 24 hour sponsored
event was organised by the Loch Insh Monsters coach and mentor
Johnathan Freshwater and was held to help raise money for some new
equipment for the team who compete in the Team 15 series of events
around Scotland. Chloe managed to windsurf the whole night through,
winning all the competitions in her section and has promised to teach
the other Roxy girls to windsurf in the near future. The sponsored
event was very successful and raised over £4000 for the Loch Insh

The New Roxy Team mates were happy to hang out with one another and
are very excited to be part of Team Roxy. Abigail had this to say,

" I am so happy to be part of Roxy, just really, really excited. It
is so good and so nice we are all from the same area."

Abigail and Ashley hope to be heading off to the snow in the summer
and autumn while Lesley will head down to New Zealand to compete in
the World Cup down there in September. Chloe will compete all through
the summer with the highlight being the Tiree wave classic in
October. For more news on Team Roxy please check out www.roxy.com
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