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Speed/Short Track Skating - 20. February 2008.

Essent ISU World Cup Speed Skating – Inzell (GER)

The eighth of nine Essent ISU World Cup Speed Skating events this season concluded
Sunday in Inzell (GER). The world’s top sprint skaters gathered to contend the 100, 500 and
1000 meter distances.

Jenny Wolf secured the 500m World Cup with her 6th and 7th win in a row on such a 500m.
The first race she started with 10.23, but the lap was hard, and she finished in 38.66. The next
day the opening was two tenth slower, but there her lap was better and she finished in 38.51.
No track record, but the main thing for her was that she now gathered 1160 points, and can’t
be overtaken anymore. Beixing Wang, third in the ranking with 520 points, did not start,
which made it possible for Dutch Annette Gerritsen to secure her second place. She finished
in second place both races, first 39.54, then 39.13 and has now 748 points. Svetlana Kajkan
from Russia is traditionally strong on outdoor ice and made the podium both days as well.On
Saturday, she had to share the third place with Sayuri Yoshii, with 39.61. On Sunday she
reached 39.31. Yoshii and Kajkan now have 513 ad 501 points, which is not far behind Wang.
In the 1000m, German Anni Friesinger could secure the overall World Cup victory. Going
into this weekend, she led with 660 points, Chiara Simionato from Italy had 440, and then
Christine Nesbitt, with 370 points, little ahead of Wüst with 352 points. But both Simionato
and Nesbitt did not start here, which opened a door to Wüst. Friesinger won both days, and
Wüst finished in second place. Shannon Rempel skated well gaining two third places.
Friesinger skated 1.17,78 the first day, and the next day 1:16.45. Wüst had 1:18.79 and
1:17.95 and Rempel 1:19.24 and 1:18.41. This meant that with one 1000m to go, Anni
Friesinger wins the 1000m World Cup with 860 points. Ireen Wüst passed Nesbitt and
Simionato in the ranking to gather 512 points, and in third place it’s still Simionato (440) but
Shannon Rempel climbed to fourth, with 411 points and could still make the podium next

In the 100m, just like the races in Erfurt, Jenny Wolf won, ahead of her compatriot Judith
Hesse and Shihomi Shinya from Japan. They skated 10.44, 10.50 and 10.56 in the final.

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