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Billiards - 17. June 2007.

WPBA Qualifier at On The Snap, Prescott Arizona

The AWBT’s 5th stop was held up in the cool pines of Prescott Valley at one of our favorite rooms, On the Snap! This was a WPBA Qualifier, presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues. The Qualifier Spot was for the WPBA Florida Classic to be held Hollywood, Florida June 27th through July 1st.

25 ladies made the trip up on Saturday. The field consisted of women from all over the State of Arizona as well as several ladies from California, Nevada, Mexico and even Wisconsin!

The top 8 ladies came back to play on Sunday, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. On the A side was Susan Mello vs. LeAndrea Gaff and Susaan Williams vs. Holly Sholes. On the B side was Kristin Haney vs. Michelle Trevino and Hydred Makabali vs. Jeri Engh.

Susan Mello and Holly Sholes both won their first matches of the day and met up for the hot seat match. As expected, it was a very tight match. Holly made it to the hill first with the score 6-5 then quickly won the next game which won her the match and the hot-seat.

Mello went on to play Kristin Haney for 3rd place. At this point, since Holly had already won her spot into to the WPBA Florida Classic at the last AWBT WPBA Qualifier, and since Kristin did not pay to play for the qualifier spot, that meant Susan Mello had already won the Qualifier spot in this tournament! So any wins from that point on would just be for fun and bonus money! We knew this match would also be a tight match and we weren’t disappointed! After game 10 it was tied at 5. Kristin put together some great runs, won the last two games and won that match 7 – 5.

After a really long day with many long matches, Holly finally had an opponent. Kristin and Holly hugged and began their match. Since this was a true double elimination format, Kristin would have to beat Holly in 2 sets of a race to seven. The match started off rough for both girls. The first set was Kristin all the way. She easily won the match 7-2.

The ladies took a break and started the 2nd set. Kristin won the lag and snapped the 9 on the very first break! The very next game, Holly broke, the 9 almost went but hung in the pocket with an easy 1-9 combo, which she made! Just like that tied 1-1. Then, Kristin snapped the ball again to win game 5 and Holly turned right around and snapped the nine to win game 6! At that point the match was 4-2, with Kristin in the lead. Holly ran the rack in game 7 which made the score 4-3, then a 3 ball run out tied up the match 4-4. Then game 9, Kristin broke, almost made the 9-ball again, but left it hanging, then made an awesome 1-9-cross-table-carom to make the 9 which earned her the lead back 5-4. Holly came right back and made a great run and won the next game, which tied it back up 5-5. Game 11 was a game of great safes and great hits. Finally Holly got an edge and made a difficult cut shot and ran the rest of the 3 balls to win the game and put her on the hill. Kristin came right back and won the next game which made the game hill-hill! Kristin broke and scratched. The game went back and forth until they were down to the 7 ball. Holly plaid an awesome safety which made Kristin have to kick at the 7. Kristin kicked and hit the 7 ball but didn’t make it. Then Holly made the 7 and 8 but missed the 9. The crowd gasped. Kristin calmly walked up and made the 9 to win the game, the set and the Match!

Congrats to Holly Sholes for 2nd place and $195 in prize money, Congrats to Kristin Haney for winning this tournament and the $295 in prize money in prize money! Congrats to Susan Mello for her WPBA Qualifier win to the Florida Classic during this tournament! All of Arizona will be routing for you and Holly in Florida!

As a side note….Man these women can play! I know I’ve said it before, but these women make it look so easy! If you’ve never had a chance to come out watch one of the AWBT WPBA Qualifiers, as mostly a spectator, I can tell you, you really should come! These women are fantastic and I can promise, you’ll see some of the best pool ever!

Rounding out the top 12 were: Jeri Engh (4th), LeAndrea Gaff and Susan Williams (5/6), Hydred Makabali and Michelle Trevino (7/8th), Beverly Cook, Susan Lance, Kristie Ortega and Donna Taylor (9-12th).

8 ladies also came back for the free second chance event!! It came down to two of our own AWBT board members to play for the money! Kristie Ortega had beat Kathy Phelps for the hot seat. Kathy fought back to play Kristie once again in the final! Congratulations to Kathy for 2nd place and $30 in prize money and congratulations to Kristie for 1st place and $55 in prize money!

We’d like to give a big huge thanks to Larry, Eric, and Pip at On the Snap! We love coming up and playing in your awesome establishment and we LOVE your “Curry Chicken Cantaloupe Salad”! See you next year! We’ll see the rest of you next month at our 6th stop, on July 14 and 15th at Sixshooters, Peoria! This event will also be a WPBA qualifier presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues!

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