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- 09. July 2007.

World Record by the American ladies in the team compound competition:

Under a sunny sky the day finished with a World Record by the American ladies in the team competition: with a total of 4157 points, they beat their own previous record by 5 points! In the team Anschutz was superb

Compound Women
Van Natta (USA) already took a small advantage over her opponents with a score of 347 points at 70m. Her first pursuer was team-mate Anschutz with 344. Not far behind were Swedish Ericsson (343) and Olofsson (342) and German Weihe (342). Four ladies then followed with 341 points: Markovich (NED), Chan (PHI), Soemod (DEN) and Ochoa A. (MEX).

Bad series for leader Van Natta (USA) who shot the 10th score at 60m with 345 points for a total half-way of 692 and the 2nd position! It was her fellow countrywoman Anschutz who realized the best score at this distance with 354 points. She took the lead with 698 points. Ericsson kept the 3rd rank with 689 points, the same temporary score as local Weihe (4th). The French Bouillot leaped ahead from 18th to 7th place after she scored the second best total of the distance (348) for a total of 685. Another archer to improve consistently was Belgian Haemhouts coming back from 22nd to 9th place thanks to her third top score at 60m (347/682).

Anschutz confirmed her good form of the day shooting the best score at 50m (351). She kept her lead with 1049 points over Van Natta who totalizes 1040 so far. The two Americans dug an important gap with pursuers, Van Natta being 10 points ahead of third ranked Ericsson (SWE). The Russian Loginova made her appearance in the provisional top 10 shooting the third best score at 50m (345/1022). Her two famous team-mates Kazantseva and Goncharova kept staying in ambush at 15th and 21st places, respectively. Other archers took the best of the 50m distance, as Croatian Buden shooting the fourth best score (345) and raising to 24th rank and Slovenian Marcen (5th score with 343) coming up to 14th.

Anschutz kept the leadership in the Compound Women individual category at the end of qualifications with a great score over the 1400 barrier (1408 points, just 3 points below the World Record) and therefore a 10-point advantage over team-mate Van Natta (1398). Third ranked is Swedish Ericsson with 1389. All archers are qualified for the next round in this category, as they are 73 and elimination will start in 1/64 (128 archers).

After the first distance in the team event USA (1019 points) was leading with an 8-point advantage over Sweden (1011) and 9 over Mexico (1010). There are 18 teams registered in this category and the cut was provisionally set by Chinese Taipei at 963 points at the end of this distance.

Imitating their male counterparts, the American ladies increased their advantage up to 14 points. They were leading the qualification half-way with 2056 points in front of France (2041) and Sweden (2038). Not far behind was provisionally Russia with 2034 points and then Mexico with 2032. The cut in Compound Women was for South Africa, ranked 16th with 1959 points.

Some changes in the top position in the team competition with Russia leaping up to 2nd place thanks to the great performance of Loginova. The Russian ladies scored 3053 points so far and were 30 points (!) behind USA. Third was France with 3050 points. Chinese Taipei and Iran will certainly be unable to reach the cut, as they are far behind the 16th ranked team, South Africa.
The day finished with a World Record by the American ladies in the team competition: with a total of 4157 points, they beat their own previous record by 5 points! No need to say they ranked 1st far ahead of Russia (4121) and France (4118). Only two teams were eliminated in this category, namely Chinese Taipei and Iran finishing at 17th and 18th places.

Tomorrow it is turn for Recurve Women to start competition and look for qualification for the World Championships elimination round, as well as win places for next year’s Olympic Games! Competition starts at 9:30 am at the Leipzig Festwiese.

Ce matin ont commencé les qualifications pour les archers en arc à poulies, tant les hommes que les femmes. Les Championnats du Monde de tir à l'arc en plein air se déroulent jusqu'au dimanche 15 juillet à la Festwiese de Leipzig (Allemagne). Sous un ciel radieux, la journée s'est terminée sur un record du monde par les Américaines dans la compétition par équipe: avec un total de 4157 points, elles ont réussi 5 points de mieux que leur précédent record! Dans l'équipe, Anschutz (photo) fut superbe réussissant 1408 points. Plus d'infos... <http://www.archeryworldcup.org/content.asp?me_id=79&cnt_id=1731>
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