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- 13. July 2007.

World Championships Leipzig 2007 – Quotes of the Day 6

We talked to the archers that were competiting in th matchs today.
1. How did you prepare for the World Championships?
2. What is your main goal?
3. How was your match today?
Recurve Women
Jennifer Nichols (USA) – qualified for the semi-finals
1. I prepared very well. With my personal coach Alexander Kirillov I went to a training camp in Arizona for half a week before we came here.
2. As I never made it to the finals before, I hoped to get there this time.
3. I’m thrilled! It’s so great to be among the top! I’ve never seen so many women competing. That’s an incredible experience.
Natalia Valeeva (ITA) – qualified for the semi-finals
1. I didn’t have much time to prepare because I’ve got three children. Thus it was quite hard work to concentrate on the training, but I used every spare minute I had.
2. My wish was to come back home with a medal. Moreover, I just wanted to enjoy the tournaments as these are my holidays somehow.
3. I feel good now, even though it wasn’t easy at all. The conditions were quite tough. I’m glad that I had the chance for recreation every evening here in Leipzig. I went to some nice places in the city centre.
Iwona Marcinkiewicz (POL)
1. I already started to train five days per week from last year on.
2. My premier goal was to qualify for the Olympic Games. Despite from that, I just wanted to give my best to reach a good score.
3. I’m really satisfied and I’m hoping very much that we’ll win a team medal.
Kim Verhoeven (BEL)
1. My preparation was very hard work. Luckily, I had one week off before I came to Leipzig.
2. This is only my second year in international competitions. That’s why my intention was to just pass one round.
3. I’m not happy with my result, because I was already eliminated in the first round.
Chekrovolu Swuro (IND)
1. I started to train almost every day last year already.
2. Of course, my main aim was to qualify for the Olympic Games.
3. I’m very happy with my results as I got further than I’ve expected beforehands.
Anja Zimmermann
FITA Communication
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