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Billiards - 18. September 2007.

World Champion Evans adds one more to her list

The 21-year-old from Gornal, West Midlands, pocketed £500 after a 4-2 Masters final victory over Emma Bonney (Portsmouth) at the North East Derbyshire Snooker Centre, Clay Cross.

And the following day, watched by boyfriend and world No 29 Mark Allen, mother-of-one Evans, beat England international Katie Henrick 3-0 in the UK final.

photo Kevin Legg

Evans, who won five of the six World Ladies Billiards & Snooker Association events last season, still has the hunger to dominate the game and insists she will not join the lucrative US pool circuit.

"I hate pool," she said.

The £1,300 Masters, the inaugural invitation-only WLBSA 2007/08 season curtain-raiser, was sponsored by Midlands-based IT company Wytech.

Bonney, 31, who lost 3-1 in the UK semis to Evans, played both tournaments with a £15 cue bought from a car-boot sale in Gosport a couple of weeks ago. The two-time world billiard champion said: "I couldn't actually see if it was straight. I've not played a competitive game with it yet."

Suzie Opacic (Chandler's Ford) was minutes from being caught up in the gun
drama just yards from her home club last Thursday.

The 19-year-old former World Ladies Junior Champion lost 3-1 to Henrick in
the UK semis. Ronnie O'Sullivan's cousin Maria Catalano, 25, scored the highest break, a
102 clearance to take a 2-1 lead against Henrick, but lost 3-2.


2007 Wytech Masters line-up

Jaique Ip-Wan In, Katie Henrick, Emma Bonney, Maria Catalano, Reanne Evans,
Wytech sponsor Mark Jones, Jenny Poulter, Chris Sharpe, Suzie Opacic, Hannah
Jones, Joanne Davies.

Picture: Wayne Ault


Jaique Ip-Wan In flew in from Hong Kong to take in both events. The 2006 International Billiards & Snooker Federation ladies runner-up was beaten 4-3 by Bonney in the Masters semis but saw off Jenny Poulter 2-1 to win the UK Plate.

The 27-year-old, whose trip was paid by the Hong Kong Billiards & Snooker
Control Council, said: "It was hard for me to come here, a long flight."
But she "enjoyed" her first tournament in England and it anxious to return.

Wytech Masters results, breaks in brackets:

Last 16
Suzie Opacic (Chandler's Ford, Hampshire) 3-0 Joanne Davies (Derby)
Jaique Ip-Wan In (Hong Kong) 3-0 Hannah Jones (Derby)

Quarter-finals - losers £75 each
Reanne Evans (Gornal, West Midlands) 3-0 Opacic
Katie Henrick (Bickley, Kent) 3-0 Jenny Poulter (Maidstone)
Emma Bonney (Portsmouth) 3-2 Chris Sharpe (Chelmsford)
Ip-Wan In (52) 3-1 Maria Catalano (Dudley, West Midlands)

Semis-finals - losers £100 each
Evans (49, 39) 4-1 Henrick (30, 38)
Bonney 4-3 Ip-Wan In

Final - winner £500, runner-up £300
Evans (41, 36, 38) 4-2 Bonney

UK Championships

Henrick 3-1 Opacic
Evans 3-1 Bonney

Final - winner £150, runner-up £75
Evans 3-0 Henrick

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