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What can we expect from Coco Gauff at the US Open?

Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff’s sensational Wimbledon run has done an incredible amount of good, for not just the women’s game, but tennis as a whole. In a day and age where tennis has seen the same few winners share Grand Slams amongst them, Gauff’s entrance onto the world stage has acted as a breath of fresh air to the entire industry.

There would have been very few who were aware of the teenage sensation before she put Venus Williams to the sword during the opening round of Wimbledon but after the umpire called game, set and match, word of the shock victory started to trickle out of SW19. No matter who you are or what your feeling are towards the sport of tennis, when your phone pops up with a notification informing you that a teenager has beaten one of the finest players in the history of women’s tennis, you sit up and take notice. That is exactly what the world has done. 

Which leaves us all wondering now: What can we expect from the young prodigy at the US Open?

The excitement comes in the way of not knowing actually. If Gauff were to be dumped out in her first game, the world would understand. Should the 15-year-old begin to beat pros twice her senior again, the Gauff Express would pick up where it left off at Wimbledon. Lovers of any professional sport love an underdog and Gauff embodies the romantic side of sport, where David, can and does, knock out Goliath from time to time.

As for going the whole way, even Gauff’s father would probably think that was a bridge too far at this stage. If we were to have a look at the odds of the US Open 2019 with Betfair, we would see Gauff being backed by some punters at phenomenal odds of 999/1 to win. Ye of little faith some may say as this youngster has shown she doesn’t lack for an array of shots or shy away from the big time.

Those odds may have more to do with being emotionally ready to win which will come with experience over time. In a strange way, it’s the act of losing that cultivates young stars like Gauff and after she was knocked out in the last 16 by Simona Halep at Wimbledon, Gauff would have learned a great deal. 

Being stopped in your tracks and succumbing to defeat is almost a rite of passage if you want to be the best, but the fact that the teenager is learning these lessons so early on in her career may mean that winning tournaments won’t be far off.

Whatever happens, Gauff will arrive at Flushing Meadows with an army of new fans cheering her on from all corners of the globe which suggests expectation may also play a part now for the first time. One of the most challenging aspects of professional sport is living up to the public’s prediction and that’s why the US Open will definitely be another learning curve for Gauff and in all likelihood, a first-round exit is entirely possible. Once that is out the way, Gauff can set her sights on the Australian Open after undergoing the biggest education of her life in 2019.

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