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Volleyball - 24. July 2007.

Volleyball reports from the National Junior Team Championships

U.S. Women's Junior National Team Journal - Denise Corlett

Match Report from Egypt – July 21

US Junior Volleyball/photo US Volleyball


We played the first match of the day again. The team seems ready to go. Some more families have arrived. Thanks to the Lichtman, Mueller, Garrett and Klineman families for following us to Thailand to give the team support.

Today we started the following lineup: Carico and Murphy at setter, Gibbemeyer and Garrett in the middle, Klineman and Roleder on the outside and Mueller as the libero. Egypt is a scrappy team and fights hard. Half the team is the traditional Egyptian uniform while the other half are in the typical volleyball attire.

We start off game 1 on the slow side. We are down 6-8 at the first technical timeout and 12-16 at the second timeout. Lichtman is subbed in for Roleder to serve at 14-17. Garrett gets a block to go to 15-17 but Egypt gets 2 kills and USA calls their first timeout. After the timeout, Klineman gets a kill and we close the gap to 17-19 on a Lichtman attack from the backcourt that dribbled along the net for a kill. USA ties the game at 21 all. The game see-saws back and forth and USA pulls out a 32-30 win in game one. Lichtman did a great job coming off the bench to spark the team in the first set.

Same starters for game 2. We start the game going up 8-4 and start to pull away with 2 blocks by Gibbemeyer. Egypt calls their first timeout with the USA up 11-5. USA is leading 16-7 at the 2nd technical timeout with 3 Egypt errors and kills by Murphy and Roleder. Dosty makes her first appearance in the front row for Carico at 20-9. USA closes out the game 25-12 on 2 service aces by Murphy.

Doris in for Gibbemeyer in game 3, all of the other starters are the same. We again start the game on the slow side, only up 8-7 at the first timeout. At 10-10, Lichtman subs for Klineman to serve. We go on a run to 16-11 with an ace and a kill by Lichtman, kill by Doris and a block by Carico and Doris. After the timeout, Egypt slowly creeps back to 17-15 with 2 kills and a USA receiving error. We go back up with 2 blocks but again Egypt does not go away. Klineman subs back into the game at 22-21 and we end the match on 2 blocks by Garrett.

USA is now 1-1 in Pool A and will play the home team on Sunday at 4 pm.

Match Report from Thailand – July 22

Today was a crucial match for the USA. We must win to keep our chances available to reach the medal round. We must win out and hope the points are in our favor for a 3 way tie with Germany and China. China beat Germany tonight in 4.

The mall was packed as we walked in and the gym was standing room only for the match. Dominican beat Egypt in a 4 game match before ours. Everyone was behind the Egypt team to take the match to 5.

We started the same lineup as last night – Carico, Murphy, Gibbemeyer, Garrett, Klineman, Roleder and Mueller.

Thailand runs a very fast offense with a lot of left side combos, mainly the 4-3 and the 4 is faster than we have seen. It took us to the first timeout, USA down 7-8, to get used to the tempo of the sets. We pulled out the first game 25-20. Game 2 was 25-18 and game 3 was 19.

This match was our most consistent match so far in the tournament. Garrett has been solid for us in the middle and Klineman has been our go to on the outside. The team played a very solid match today. Our serving was the best I have seen especially from Murphy, Gibbemeyer and Roleder. Mueller passed very well today and played some good defense. The team has improved in each match and we are looking forward to the next two matches. We need to win out to have a chance at the medal round.

Bye for now. GO USA!!!

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