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Vibra Power Cordless Belt

The Vibrapower Cordless Belt

We asked one our team to try the belt out knowing that she was a healthy and fit young lady we knew she would put it too good use, and use it properly.

She is obviously fit and takes part in gym sessions at least 4 days a week and wanted to fit the vibrapower belt into her routine.

Her Review

I was really excited when the belt was delivered and straight away put it on charge for 2.5 hours. It has a series of programmes for the beginner to the move advanced user. I used the manual programme so I could make the vibration more powerful for my routines.

The first time I used the machine it made my middle region itch but I noticed this also with another vibration machine I had used previously, after using it for a couple of days it went, I think it's the body just adapting to something new. 

The great thing about it being cordless you can do your exercise, housework while having the belt attached to you. Please do understand though this isn't a weight loss miracle it's a toning belt not a I want to lose weight belt you have to keep to a strict healthy eating plan and make this part of you exercise routine and you will see the benefits. I loved the way it really makes you concentrate of holding in your stomach muscles in and you are very consious of this when using it. I still did my daily routine of situps but wore the belt while doing them. It came a part of my workout and one I will continue to use.

It's so inexpensive a great workout tool used in the right way it can help you, but you must incorporate it into a healthy exercise routine don't just use the VP and expect miracles as it won't happen. 

I only noticed a couple of down point

1. The machine makes quite alot of noise when turned on
2. The belt is quite bulky

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