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- 08. April 2008.

Two Italians and two Americans Champions of the Meteksan Archery World Cup Stage 1!

The Individual Final Matches took place at Fortaleza Ozama in Santo Domingo, the oldest fort of the New World. They saw the most experienced archers rewarded for their talent. Ilario Di Buo (ITA), Natalia Valeeva (ITA), Dave Cousins (USA) and Jamie Van Natta (USA) are the winners of this Meteksan Archery World Cup Stage 1. Below the live comments of the individual medal matches:

Recurve Women
Gold Final - ERDYNIYEVA Natalya (RUS) vs. VALEEVA Natalia (ITA)
The match started quite slowly for the two ladies who shot 5 and 7 respectively. Valeeva did better with her next two arrows with 10-8 (25), while Erdyniyeva shot 9-9 (23). Valeeva was ahead by 2 points. The Russian managed to shoot three 9s, but Valeeva kept her lead with 9-8-10 (52-50). In the third end, although Valeeva scored a 6, Erdyniyeva could not overtake Valeeva, as she shot a 7 (76-74). In the last end, Valeeva did not let it go and shot 10-10-9 to win gold! Erdyniyeva got silver finishing with 9-8-10. Final score: 105-101.

Bronze Final - SCHUH Berengere (FRA) vs. UNRUH Lisa (GER)
The opening arrow for Schuh was a 7, while Unruh shot an 8. The French continued with 8-9 and the German 9-7. Both ladies were tied at 24 points after the first end. With the wind blowing from time to time, the French shot a 7-9-7 second end. Unruh scored 7-8-7, leaving the lead to her French opponent (47-46). The latter increased her lead up to 4 points thanks to a 9-8-9 series versus 7-8-8 for Unruh (73-69). The last end started badly for the German as she opened with a 6, of which she could not recover. Berengere clinched the bronze medal with a comfortable advantage: 101-91.

Compound Women
Gold Final - VAN NATTA Jamie (USA) vs. BUDEN Ivana (CRO)
Buden opened up the match with a 7, while Van Natta did a little better with an 8. Buden continued with 8 and 7 (22). Her opponent shot 9-9 (26), and was ahead in this first end. The Croatian then improved her shooting with 8-8-10, but Van Natta kept her lead with 9-10-10 (55-48). The wind blew up strong in the field, and everything was going bad for Buden as she continued with a 6. Van Natta managed a 7 at that point. The two ladies went on shooting 8-8 for Buden and 9-9 for Van Natta (80-70). The American shot 7-9-10 to conclude and win the gold medal, as the athlete from Croatia shot 9-8-10. Final score: 106-97.
Bronze Final - BOUILLOT Amandine (FRA) vs. LOGINOVA Albina (RUS)
Bouillot started the match ahead of Loginova by scoring 29 points (9-10-10), while the Russian only scored 27 (9-9-9). Loginova opened the second end with an 8, followed by 9-9, while Bouillot shot 9-10-8. Bouillot was still ahead by two points (56-54). The third end was opened by the French with 8-10-10 (84), and 9-10-10 (83) for the Russian archer who could recover a little. The following two arrows were 9-10 for both, and Bouillot therefore kept her lead. However, the Russian managed to tie the score at 112 at the very last arrow (9 for Bouillot and 10 for Loginova). In the shoot-off session Bouillot shot first and scored an 8. Loginova could do better with a 9 and won the bronze!
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