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Hockey - 10. August 2007.

Training Camp Triumph for Scotland's U21s

Training Camp Triumph for Scotland’s U21s


It’s looking good for Scotland’s U21 Women; the squad beat Germany 3-2 on Saturday at a training camp in Cologne.  


Amy Rowan put two goals in the net while Emily Bain was able to get her stick on one.  The two squads meet for the final time tomorrow followed by the Scots battling an Irish development team on Wednesday and Thursday. Only sixteen women were taken along to the training camp as many players were unavailable due to pre-booked holidays and injuries.  Of those attending, several are from the recent U18 European’s and are looking to step up to play at the next level. 


According to Assistant Coach Mike Gilbert: “Cologne will offer players a chance to both stake a claim in for a place in next year’s squad at the Euros but also to identify and work on development to play at international level.”


Gilbert continued, “Playing training matches affords an opportunity to work on developing play rather than trying to achieve results.  Hopefully the players will be able to take full advantage from this trip and lead to a very successful squad in 2008.”


Manager Sheila Gray reiterated: “This is not an indicator of who will be in the final squad. It will give all the girls valuable match practice against good opposition and will be a real opportunity for the coaches to observe individuals and give them individual feedback.”


Whatever the team is looking to gain from the training camp, so far results are coming.  The final Scotland v Germany match is tomorrow at 10:30, and then Scotland faces Ireland at 17:00 on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00.





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Notes to Editors:


Squad Details:

Amy Gibson                         Glasgow High Kelvinside
Emily Bain    
Kimi Bright                            Giffnock
Kay Bartlett                           Glasgow En Croute Western
Becky Ward                          Dundee Wanderers
Kareena Marshall                 Giffnock
Hannah Muir                         Edinburgh HC
Sheena Berry                        Edinburgh Uni
Rosanna Innes                      Melrose
Sue Davidson                        Edinburgh Uni
Susan Hamilton                    
Siobhan Prise                        Bon Accord MBC
Susan McGilliveray                 AGSFP Women’s Hockey Section
Emma Kelly                           Glasgow Uni
Amy Rowan                           Dundee Wanderers
Leigh Fawcett                        Bonagrass Grove


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