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Tough Hands by DU'IT

Absolutely loved the Tough Hands.
WSR asked me try it out as I'm a mechanic and my hands suffer badly from always being covered in grease and dirt.
I loved the product, very inexpensive but very effective. The first week I had the product I put it on every night, the texture is slightly oily but the depth of the cream is such that it rubs in really well, there is a slight perfume smell which was great for me.

I was given a small tube to test after the first week then I went and bought myself a large tub. I put only a little on my hands now each night like a normal cream. Love it and will continue using it

Scientifically tested, DU'IT Tough Hands is an industrial strength hand repair formulated especially for the most severe cases ofdry, rough and calloused hands. It has a superb skin smoothing ability that is extremely effective for the softening andmoisturising of chronically dry, chapped hands. DU'IT Tough Hands gloves hands with a non-greasy protective barrier to shield skinfrom harsh environmental stresses. It hydrates and revives the skin and guards against moisture loss, providing long-lastingprotection against damage to hands caused by repeated washing, prolonged use of latex gloves, chemicals, solvents, cement, cleaners, abrasive soaps, detergents and contact with other allergens and irritants.

DU'IT Tough Hands is an advanced, multi-action treatment product that contains skin smoothing natural Lactic acid to exfoliate awaydryness and improve skin texture and suppleness. UREA - 10% Natural skin conditioner and humectant that maintains skin moisturebalance and seals chapped skin. VITAMIN E - Promotes and enhances skin healing, replenishes moisture, rehydrates dry, rough andstressed hands. AHAs - Exfoliates and removes dead skin layers without the need for a pumice stone. Transforms parched, dry handsand restores youthful suppleness. DIMETHICONE - Acts as a protective coating that shields skin with non-greasy proactive barrierwhich counter acts the loss of vital oils that leads to chapping, cracking and drying of skin. SODIUM PCA - Intensive moisturiserthat is 50% superior to glycerine, that acts in synergy with UREA and holds moisture in the skin. LEMON MYRTLE and TEA TREE - Anti-microbial agent, used to treat minor cuts, mild infections. It is a highly effective topical
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