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WSR tried out the new Torq Bars in all the different flavours and found them to be extremly  tasty. The bars have a great texture to them, when you bite into them there is a slight crisp inside which is nice and doesn't make the bar all limp, like others I have tasted.

All the flavours were great, I am not to keen on ginger but the taste was really good.

I have tested many bars and would recommend this one to anyone doing any sort of exercise and needed a little extra boost.


TORQ bar has been painstakingly formulated to produce a food that is ultra high in carbohydrate, very low in fat and with ingredients wide-ranging in glycaemic index for immediate and sustained glucose release.

Just as important, this bar has been designed to taste great with a cup of tea too! All too often energy bars are dry and difficult to eat - and those that aren't contain far too much fat.

TORQ bars are delicious, moist and chewy, containing just over 2grams of fat per 100 (a little over a gram per bar) and packed with usable carbohydrate. This makes it the perfect food and fuel choice before, during and after exercise.

Flavour Options:

  • Tangy Apricot 
  • Sundried Banana
  • Raspberry & Apple 
  • Pineapple & Ginger
  • Organic Mango


    The gel was extremly tasty and combined with the Torq bar it kept me going for up to a 2 hour work out. My favourite flavour was the strawberry yogurt. Well recommended.

    TORQ energy (TORQ’s energy drink) is formulated using the same 2:1 technology, and our TORQ bars are too, so regardless of the TORQ product you’re using (or combination of them), the current research* demonstrates that you won’t get a higher carbohydrate delivery and utilisation from any other food or drink.
    The reason a 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose formulation works so well is actually rather simple, but it has been overlooked by research scientists until recently. This is because Fructose (fruit sugar) has always been deemed slow and ineffective because of its low glycaemic index. Glucose on the other hand was the preferred sugar for use in sports drinks until Maltodextrin (a polymer containing many glucose molecules) was discovered.

    Flavour Options:

  • Strawberry Yoghurt 
  • Black Cherry Yoghurt 
  • Orange & Banana 
  • Forest Fruits (with Guarana)
  • Banoffee (with Guarana)

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