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Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow

I read up on the Shiatsu Pillow from Homedics before getting one, because there are so many on the market that are no good.

This is a plush velvet feel material on top of 2 mechanisms that are extremely powerful.
There is no level button, just press and off you go. The heat comes with two pushes of the start button.

I must report that that this is one of the best I have tried, I think it's more for the power, if you have tired muscles that don't seem to shift then this is your best bet.



Shiatsu massage
State-of-the-art, rotating shiatsu for a truly relaxing experience

Soothing heat
Optional heat adds to the experience

Targeted massage
Works where you need it: neck, back, shoulders and more!

Ultra plush and comfortable
Soft pillow wrapped in luxurious fabric conforms to your body

Convenient integrated control
Choose massage or massage and heat combined

Anything that can take as much use and wear and tear as I have given it and still keep on functioning the way it has -- has my seal of approval. It gives a great deep tissue massage wherever I position it. You can use it on your feet at night to rest.   

4/5 Stars  
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