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The World's Best Tennis Players

Tennis is an extremely popular sport around the world and the players that compete in these fierce competitions are impressive athletes. When it comes down to the big competitions, male and female players compete separately in line with the rules. Of course, this doesn’t mean that female tennis players are any less impressive than male players and some of the best players in the world happen to be female.

Here, we are going to look at some of the best female tennis players of all time. Keep reading if you’d like to find out who made our list.

Martina Higgins

Martina Higgins was born in 1980 and comes from Kosice, Czechoslovakia. Higgins turned pro in 1994 and managed to win 45 career titles throughout her time on the court. She managed to rack up a total of 5 Grand Slam Singles Titles including 1 Wimbledon, 1 US Open and 3 Australian Open titles. At 22 years of age, she retired early due to injuries but came back fighting with some doubles titles in 2017. She eventually retired for good in 2017 but managed to have quite an impressive career up until then and will always be known as one of the best female tennis players of all time.

Venus Williams

Another impressive tennis player that turned pro in 1994 is Venus Williams who was born in Lynwood, California in 1980. Venus has managed to rack up 49 career titles on the court and is still making a big impact. This player has 5 Wimbledon and 2 US Open titles under her belt and is well-known for her impressive skills. Of course, Venus Williams has suffered from many injuries during her career but has moved up the rankings as high as number 5.

Billie Jean King

Back in 1973, if you were going to place a bet on tennis, you would have wanted to put your money on Billie Jean King. This player was born in 1943 in Long Beach, California and turned pro in 1968. Earning a huge 129 career titles including 12 Grand Slam Singles Titles, she managed to get herself into the Tennis Hall Of Fame in 1987. King has faced fierce competition from other professional tennis players in the past, but she managed to dominate Wimbledon between 1966 and 1975 where she managed to win a massive 6 times.

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Margaret Court

Margaret Court was an impressive tennis player who turned pro in 1960 after showing great promise in the game. She was born in New South Wales in Australia in 1942 and managed to rack up a total of 192 career titles over her lifetime. Court was a professional who earned around $500,000 in prize money over her career and her 24 Grand Slam Singles titles spoke for themselves. In the open era, Margaret Court was the first woman in the open era who won the singles Grand Slam in 1970 which made history.

Martina Navratilova

After turning pro in 1975, Martina Navratilova managed to rack up a huge 167 career titles and throughout  She was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1956 and earned herself a huge $21,656,089 in prize money over the years. Her 18 Grand Slam Singles Titles including 9 Wimbledon saw her introduced into the Tennis Hall Of Fame in 2000. In 1994, she retired from Tennis and left room for new players such as Serena and Venus Williams to come through and show off their skills.

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In the 80's Martina Navratilova dominated World Tennis if were going to put your money anywhere Martina would have been your number one choice. 

Serena Williams

Sister to Venus Williams, Serena is possibly one of the best tennis players of all time and deserves her spot on our list. William was born in Michigan in 1981 and turned pro in 1995 and still performs well on the court every time she steps onto it. She has 23 Grand Slam Singles Titles under her belt including 7 Australian, 3 French, 7 Wimbledon and 6 US Open. Although she hasn’t won as many titles as others on our list, she has managed to achieve this huge amount within 18 years, and this is very impressive. Serena Williams is without a doubt one of the best female tennis players to have ever stepped foot on the court, if not the best of all time.

Steffi Graf

The final player to make our list of the greatest female tennis players of all time is Steffi Graf who was born in West Germany in 1969. Graff turned pro in 1982 and managed to earn herself 107 career titles and was introduced to the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2004. This player was very consistent throughout her 17-year career and has a record of 377 weeks as the number one ranked player in the world. Her 107 career titles included 22 Grand Slam Singles Titles with 6 French and 7 in Wimbledon. Graff was a very impressive player and it was sad to see her retire in 1999.

Who Else Will Make It On Our List?

While all of the female tennis players to make our list have had impressive tennis careers, it is time for some new players to come through and show what they have. The current tennis singles number one is Naomi Osaka from Japan, closely followed by Petra Kvitová from the Czech Republic. The World Tennis Rankings are updated on a regular basis and if you want to keep an eye on rising stars in this sport, it is a good place to start.

Final Verdict

Tennis is an extremely popular sport with some amazing female tennis players taking the court every day to see how well they can do. We are extremely proud of all of the women who have made our list and look forward to seeing which players managed to enter the Tennis Hall Of Fame in the future. Look out for the rising stars and keep an eye on the rankings for the female players in this sport.

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