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The Woman Triathlete

Is a book written by women for women covering all aspects of training as a female Triathlete. The book is really a very clear almost step by step instruction manual on how to excel in your chosen discipline as a triathlete and become the best and fastest Triathlete you can be.

The team who’ve written the book are a mixture of Triathlon Champions, Physio-Therapists, Coaches, Nurses, Ironman Champions, Swimmers, Personal Fitness Trainers, Sport Dieticians…..you couldn’t wish for a better team to advise you on your training.

Expert advice on equipment, nutrition and a host of other topics ensure you will find targeted information on all areas of interest.

The section we thought was really important and gave a lot of insight was chapter 15: “Training through Pregnancy”, we would strongly recommend the reading to any pregnant female athlete, because the tips given in this chapter are very valuable and achievable. And of course there is a little part that explains on starting again after giving birth and working your way up to becoming fit.

All in all we thought the book was very precise and clearly laid out – a book we’d certainly recommend!
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