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The Wahoo Fitness Tickr X is a chest-worn heart rate monitor and fitness tracker

Tickr X heart rate monitor and fitness tracker

We loved the Tickrx monitor, easy to use and great value

You can buy them from around £49 which is a great bargain and with Xmas coming up what a fantastic present.

We found the Tickr X paired easily and reliably with our phones, and the flashing blue light gives you the reassurance that everything is running as it should. The  Wahoo Fitness app it's easy to select the type of exercise you're about to embark on, and instantly see your information updating as you go, in a surprising amount of detail.

When tracking running, you can monitor it in more detail than we expected, in addition to distance, pace and heart rate info, we could also check out the running smoothness, cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time, and view a map of where we'd been, greast information could be very precious for serious athletes. The Cycling track was fantastic all you needed recorded in one easy little TICKrx monitor speed, distance and cadence.

The heart rate monitor is absolutley accurate and immediate so if you have had other monitors before that aren't so up to date you will notice a huge difference.

We used the  the Tickr X the most in the gym setting it was great for keeping track of heart rate info to maintain your workout meaning that the Tickr X can be used to track a lot more data than many of its rivals. 

The device can control music playback start/pause/resume on the wirelessly connected phone. This handily means not having to stop running to retrieve our phone from a pocket to do the same, though it's a shame the app does not log rep counts to tell you how your performance is improving over time.

While offline tracking means you don't need to have your phone with you to record fitness information, you are going to get far less information. Offline workout information is limited to heart rate, calorie burn and duration. The lack of a screen also means you are not going to have access to even this information until you sync.

All workout information stored in the Wahoo Fitness app can be shared with a multitude of other apps and services, which means its detailed specific workout data can be used alongside more general all-day type tracking. We shared information across MapMyRun, Nike+ Running and Strava services with no problem.

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