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The Sketchers Resistant Runners

The Sketchers Resistant Runners

Trainers by Sketchers. Featuring lace-up fastening, a panelled design to the side with a contrast logo and a cushioned cuff.

The SRR's come with a feature DVD which explains all the new technology that has gone into making this one of sketchers best products.


Sketchers Resistance Runner (SRR) is a revolutionary training shoe, which helps you to achieve higher levels of fitness in shorter workouts, whilst supporting your joints from stress. Improving muscle activation, SRR encourages a more natural stride, dispersing pressure and helping to burn more calories.

The Sketchers resistant runners were tried and tested by some avid active colleagues in Oakland CA and have gone down a storm.

One lady won't wear anything else now when exercising. Her initial interest in trying them was her fears of balance and needing to try and shift a bit of weight ontop of back trouble. She wears the sketchers resistant runners everyday for her morning walk, and is having a ball. She is alot less nervous now, the sketchers help her balance alot better and the comfort is one she will never give up. The difference it has made to her daily routine and she is actually enjoying the exercise more.

The colleague in question is 62 and was so thankful for us finding her a pair of comfortable trainers, I know for a fact she will never wear anything but the Sketchers. For someone who hates exercise she said it is so important to find comfort which makes the exercise a little more bareable.

Thanks Sketchers
D. Anthony
Oakland CA

The first impression of the shoe is one of WOW looks very impressive, very classy both box and shoe, it looks like an expensive piece of equipment  but if it doesn't work it's not worth anything.

Sketchers claims that the Resistance Runner:

  • burns 13.2% more calories per hour
  • increases calf muscle activation by 68%
  • increases back muscle activation by 85%
  • increases hip muscle activation by 71%
  • reaches your fat burning zone 11% faster
  • achieve your target heart rate faster
  • burn more calories in less time
  • strengthens your legs, back and core muscles
  • train harder in less time

    Everyone is different in how they exercise, just make sure you enjoy the shoes, have comfort in whatever you choose to use them for.

    Skechers Resistance Runners do not change your gait when sprinting, running, or jogging.  Because of the design of the shoes, the greatest benefits of the shoes are achieved when jogging.

    They are pricey at around $70 or £100, but if they work for you and you can appreciate the comfort factor then go for it. 
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