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- 12. April 2008.

The Netherlands win the Youth Talent World Cup 2008

The tournament started Friday evening with the PLUS EIJKEMANS KORFBALL CLINC. Dutch National team trainer Jan Sjouke van de Bos together with 3 internationals: Wim Scholtmeijer, Marcel Segaar and Johannes Schot were present to teach the youth players from the particiapting countries some nice tricks.


For the very first time the Netherlands and Belgium U16 National teams were one of the competitors. The playing level of the other participating countries was again higher as in last years and there were many exiting games. Up to the last matches, there were 6 countries fighting for a place in the ranking matches 3 to 8. The Dutch team reached the final having been undefeated. Belgium who had lost one match was their opponent. In a more exiting and spectacular game, refereed by Sandra Anus (Germany), the Netherlands came away with a 6-5 victory. Chinese Taipei claimed third place by beating the Czech Republic.

Best players of the tournament were: Hsaun-Pin HUNG (Chinese Taipei) and Mick SNEL (The Netherlands). The fair play cup was won by Slovakia. The final ranking: 1. Netherlands; 2. Belgium; 3. Chinese Taipei; 4. Czech Republic; 5. Russia; 6. Catalonia; 7. Germany; 8. England; 9. Poland; 10. Slovakia.

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