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Sailing - 12. June 2007.

The Mansura Trophy Competition

  • Entry fee waived for 2007 Competition
  • Worldwide interest gathers pace
  • Supported by the Royal Yachting Association and The Green Blue


ROYAL THAMES YACHT CLUB, London: The Trustees of the Mansura Trophy Competition that was launched worldwide in February under the auspices of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, are now delighted to announce that, thanks to the the support of The Green Blue, http://www.thegreenblue.org.uk/, they are able to offer free entry for the 2007 Competition to ensure a truly level playing field for the competitors, irrespective of corporate size and resources.

Interest gathers pace
As the expressions of interest have gathered pace since the launch of this prestigious competition, the Trustees, led by Chairman Jack Edwards from the Royal Thames Yacht Club, have been struck by the enormously wide technical variety and disparate sizes of the 20 plus entries to date, not to mention the differences between large and successful yards on the one hand and solitary inventors ploughing a lonely furrow on the other. They are confident that an entry for the Mansura Trophy will ensure that competitors’ technical skill and innovation is brought to the attention of a global audience.

Those entrants who have already submitted a payment will receive a full refund and new competitors need only complete the entry request available on the Mansura Trophy website, www.mansuratrophy.royalthames.co.uk to receive their numbered entry pack and be registered for the 2007 competition. Completed entry forms should be submitted to the Secretariat, The Royal Thames Yacht Club, 60 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LF by 1200 noon GMT on Monday 19th November 2007. The full rules and background to the competition can also be found on the Mansura Trophy website.

Equalising the opportunity of success
Trustee Jack Edwards from the Royal Thames Yacht Club said, when announcing the elimination of the entry fee: “The Green Blue has helped us to promote this great opportunity to show off the skills and successes of hybrid technology.”

Sarah Black, Project Manager for the Green Blue, said: "This is relatively new technology and we need to give it every support we can to develop into the marine sector. We must all play our part in cutting emissions and this is an excellent way of achieving just that.”

The Mansura Trophy competition seeks to encourage and develop hybrid-electric craft, particularly, but not exclusively, offshore and to ensure widespread exposure for those who seek to develop new, ecologically attractive methods of water-borne travel. It is open to private or commercial vessels of any nationality, with an overall length not exceeding 122m (400 ft), powered by a hybrid or all-electric propulsion system deriving energy from more than one source. It is open to both corporate and individual entries, but military vessels are excluded.

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