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The GT-02 multisport crosstrainer another fantastic innovation from UK Gear.



With a durable upper, excellent cushioning and a unique wrap-around outsole, this shoe is fully-loaded with technology. I was lucky enough to be asked to review the trainer for UK Gear. Trainers for me really need to have excellent cushioning because of previous knee injuries. I’m a keen tennis player and as the weather became warmer I figured the best place to try them was the tennis court.


To start with I wasn’t too happy about the fact that their sole wasn’t as high as the PT-03 Winter. With 170 cm’s I just appeared a bit shorter but I figured I would be able to live with this if the trainer’s design compensated for my shortness. As I found out later, this was a specific design feature with this particular shoe.


The GT-02 has been designed from the bottom up to be a dedicated cross trainer rather than just stick a different upper onto an existing running bottom unit (as many other shoes are!). Therefore it has a lower, wider midsole, lowering your center of gravity and providing more lateral stability... which is very important in this kind of product. Well that was enough knowledge for me!

As I entered the tennis court with my brand new, lovely looking GT-02 I felt really excited about the trial. Since my feet are rather wide I was glad that the cut was wider than regular trainers. I sometimes get pins and needles in the wrong sort of sport shoe, but have never had this problem with the GT-02.


I really pushed it on the tennis court, sprinted, jumped, applied lots of pressure and have so far not had anything to moan about. Sliding towards the ball is perfect….running on asphalt or even cross country was another real pleasure with this shoe because of its fantastic cushioning feature. There is really nowhere or nothing you wouldn’t be able to do with the GT-02.


It’s usable for indoor and outdoor training and will also make you look smart. The streamlined design allows you to be fashionable regardless of the environment or clothing you need for your chosen sport. I would definitely agree with UK Gear’s statement: “The GT-02 is truly an all-purpose training shoe enabling you to multisport with confidence.”  By all means…contact them now to snap up your pair!

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