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Windsurfing - 17. July 2007.

The Circolo Surf Torbole organized from the 25th to the 27th of June the Slalom Girl Camp

Girl’s Camp article written by Agnese Paci


The Circolo Surf Torbole organized from the 25th to the 27th of June the Slalom Girl Camp.

Monday morning we all arrived at the Circolo. We were 10 girls coming from all Italy. There, the Fauster family was waiting for us: Verena, Thomas, our trainer, and their parents. Verena organized the Girls Camp with the help of Circolo Surf and her family. The sponsor F2, Exocet, Gaastra and Nautica Urban offered slalom materials for all the girls. As soon as the Ora starts to blow, we rigged the sails and went to the water. Mr Fauster and Franz (Francesco Prati) followed us with the safe boat, taking pictures and videos which, at the end of the day, we wached all together in order to recognize mistakes of surfing (as jibe) and understand what we had to improve and correct.


The day after, at 9.00 am, we met again at circolo. The Ora, was curiously already strong, and it increased up to reach 35 knots! With this critical condition was impossible to have our lessons. So, we decided to postpone the camp of one day. Despite of it, we dindn’t waste time! The wind conditions were perfect for the Freestyle and Wave equipment! At the end of the day we were really tired but still enthusiastic to be here!

Unfortunately, Wednesday, the wind went down. So we decided to dedicate the day to streching (really usefull after such a day of strong wind!). We also took many photos wearing the Urban t-shirts and the F2 lycras. Doing that, we were able to drawn the attention of the CST members even though the day wasn’t very good for windsurfing, playing soccer between the sails and playing with Birillo, Cristina’s dog and our mascotte!

As the previous evenings, we went out for dinner all together, a wonderful way to know each other better and in complete quiet.

Thursday, the last day camp, the Ora blew in the way we are used, so, all in the water with Thomas!

We made starts and we tried to correct the mistakes we watched on the videos the days before. Each of us adjusted the harness lines and tried the lay down jibe, as Thomas taught us. Not everybody was able to do that, but we will try again, in our home spot, reminding the nice days we spent in the water with all the other girls, an extraordinary experience for all of us who are usually used to compete with men. A group of women has been created; women who are determinates, passionates for this sport, and want to meet again in the water!

Little improvements in all of us, a big sted ahead for the female windsurf!

We really were able to undertake the project which began the last year when seven girls met in Alghero and partecipated at the slalom regatta. Dalia urged us to do that. We dedicated this camp to Dalia, of which, she surely would be very happy, as she is happy to see us planing every day better!

The partecipants: Agnese Paci, Christina Nicolis, Denise Trapin, Emanuela Giorni, Greta Benvenuti, Greta Mayer, Laura Raguso, Sara Menegatti, Simona Mascellani, Verena Fauster

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