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The Century Bob Torso Punch Bag


The Century Bob Torso Punch Bag is a great fun way to get fit and to expend all that pent up anger.

Like so many people,  I work in an office all day and when I get home I enjoy nothing more than going ten rounds with Bob. It is much better than some of the cheaper torso punch bag options and allows you to focus on punching or kicking different parts of the body and honing you technique. I have recently taken up Muay Thai which requires you to use your knees and elbows as well as kick and punch so poor Bob has been taking a bit of a beating of late.

On the fact side, Century Bob is easy to set up and there is a large opening with a screwable cap which makes filling the base with water or sand very easy (I would recommend sand if possible). It is height adjustable so my girlfriend who is 5ft 1” gets just as much use as I do at 6ft 2”. The torso is made from a high quality material and can take a real beating. Century Bob is easy to clean and set up is a doddle. Once the base is full it is quite difficult to move and I would recommend that you have two people to help move it.

Overall I would recommend Century Bob;  it is a great way to keep fit, burn off aggression and is the perfect choice if you lack floor space for a traditional punch bag.

You can buy the Century Bob from


Overall Rating  9 / 10

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