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The Brooks Autumn Range 2012

The Brooks Autumn Range 2012

Earlier this week, Women’s Sport Report was invited to see Brooks’s new product range.

brooks women's ghost 5/womensportreport.com


The presentation began with Brooks’s shoes, for which sales in the UK have increased by 30% over the past year. First up was the new Glycerin 10; the women’s version being offered in either pink and silver or blue and white. The shoe still boasts full-length DNA (the non-newtonian fluid used to ‘tune’ the cushioning and ride to the individual) but there are now also other technical features, which make for even better cushioning, fit and flexibility. Retailing at £110, the Glycerin is Brooks’s premium neutral shoe.

Next down the price ladder, and still in the neutral section, is the Ghost 5. Brooks’s second best-selling neutral trainers, the Autumn women’s shoes are offered in blue and silver or purple and black. As with the Glycerins, the Ghosts feature technical improvements to make for better cushioning and a smoother ride.

The other neutral shoe that was showcased was the Summon 4 (which won Runner’s World’s shoe of the year), an entry-level shoe retailing at £80.

Next up were the support shoes (88% of runners requiring support trainers). The Trance 11s were the premium women’s support shoes, retailing at £115. For the Autumn 2012 season, they will come in grey, complemented with a choice of red, green or blue.

The other support shoe that was featured was the Adrenaline GTS (the world’s number one running shoe). Realising that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ Brooks have made very few changes to this award-winning trainer.

Amongst the competition shoes was the T7 Racer. An extremely lightweight road-racing shoe, most people use the T7s to race 10ks in. For Chrissie Wellington, however, the T7 Racer is her marathon shoe of choice!

The trail shoes included the Cascadia 7s (as worn by ultra runner Scott Jurek in the Vauxhall Ampera ad) and the new Adrenaline ASR9s. The women’s (blue and grey) ASR9s boast a water-resistant upper, hydrophobic foam and a new grip traction that makes the shoe as capable on a trail as it is on a road.

The shoe presentation concluded with the presentation of Brooks’s Autumn Pure range. Brooks’s Pure shoes allow runners to ‘feel the road more,’ intending to provide a compromise between wearing cruise shoes and running barefoot. This is achieved via the:

*Ideal heel – the slimmed-down heel encourages contact points to shift forward, which aligns the joints and creates optimal energy return.

*Nav band – an elastic band wraps over the instep and provides a comfortable, assured fit, regardless of foot shape.

*DNA midsole.

*Toe flex – the split toe enhances forefoot flexibility and empowers the big toe to engage the runner’s natural stability and power during push-off.

*Anatomical last – the shoe’s shape contours the foot, to provide true support and a glove-like feel.

The Autumn Pure range is the same as the previous range, but with colour updates. The much anticipated Pure 2 range will be launched around January 2013 time.

After the shoe presentation, some of Brooks’s sponsored athletes modelled a selection of Brooks’s new apparel. Brooks’s offering for Autumn/Winter 2012 include the new L.S.D. Lite Jacket III. The jacket (available in purple, black or blue for women) sports a new hood that ‘cinches’ from front to back, and around the head, for closer, and more comfortable, coverage. A medium-sized jacket weighs just 4.3 ounces and neatly packs up into its own pocket.

In the accessories section, the things that really caught Women’s Sport Report’s eye included a Nightlife running cap with a built-in red, flashing light at the back (drivers can’t fail to see you in this) and another cap, designed specifically for women, with a smaller bill and a bespoke hole to pull your ponytail through.

Brooks presented some exciting new (and updated) products for Autumn 2012, however I suspect that many people will be looking further ahead - to 2013 and the launch of the Pure 2 project.

Helen Keeling
Women’s Sport Report

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