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Windsurfing - 09. May 2007.

The 2007 Ulsan PWA World Cup - Day Three Jaggi dominates

Women’s Race 6

Showing starting skill of her usual high standard, Karin Jaggi was untouchable in race 6 and left Sarah Hebert and Ayako Suzuki in their now familiar battle for second and third place. Hebert held her own to score second place over Suzuki in third.

Women’s Race Seven

Sarah Hebert led off the line and headed the fleet over the first two reaches before Ayako Suzuki incisively cut inside her at the second mark to take the lead. Meanwhile Karin Jaggi was up to third position after an average mid-pack start. At the third mark Jaggi desperately tried slide between the impressive Japanese newcomer, who’d stalled her turn, and the mark to gain upwind advantage. However Suzuki recovered fast enough to accelerate away, and it was only on their final gybe that Jaggi got the better of her, stealing her wind and marching over the finish line in first. Suzuki made sure she bagged the second place she deserved as Hebert claimed third

Women’s Race Eight

In race eight no less than four ladies were disqualified for pushing the start too hard and crossing the line early. Amongst them were event leader Jaggi and front-runner Suzuki, which left the door open for Hebert to score an important result considering the all-important third discard. She led from the re-start and enjoyed a fine race with Yoshie Sasaki until Sasaki fell at the second mark leaving Hebert un-challenged to the finish. Haruna Furusawa came in second and Sasaki’s efforts earned her third. Hebert, high on the victory said ‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw who was disqualified from race eight. But, today I showed what I can do, and now I am even more determined not to let Ayako past me again this event!’

Women’s Race Nine

This time Jaggi was in no mood to make mistakes, and led straight from the start win pursed by Ayako Suzuki who finished second and Armenia’s Sarah Hebert in third.

Women’s Race Ten

Jaggi made it nine wins out of ten with another uncompromising performance leaving no realistic margin between her and Hebert who this time got the better of Suzuki in the battle for second place.

The forecast for tomorrow is once more un-promising, but who knows, in Ulsan it seems anything can happen, and perhaps more wind and more racing action will materialize out of the blue once more.

Skipper’s meeting is at 11.00 with a first possible start of 11.30. You can follow all the day’s events with our live event ticker, or read the end-of-day summaries, view the picture galleries and check the results at www.pwaworldltour.com

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