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Windsurfing - 16. July 2007.

The 2007 Gran Canaria PWA Grand Slam – Day 6

Women’s Freestyle Single Elimination 2

The afternoon meant a switch to women’s freestyle and the start of the second single elimination.

Sarah Quita Offringa and Laura Treboux/ photo PWA Carter

Yoli De Brendt (Fanatic / North) came close to an upset against Daida Moreno in the early heats. Her off-season training nearly paid dividends when she forced a tie-break decision that edged the victory into Moreno’s favour.

It was also a day to remember for Japan’s Junko Nagoshi (F2 / Simmer). She turned heads when she elbowed-out tour leader Sarah-Quite Offringa in the second round. ‘I just got lucky’ said a sportsmanlike Nagoshi. ‘I always try to do my best in any heat and I try not to think about who it’s against. I don’t think Sarah-Quita sailed very well by her high-standard but I used-up all the tricks I can do - I’m sure she can afford to let me win one now and then!’

After the dust settled from the tough semi-finals the two finalists left standing were Daida Moreno and Laure Treboux.

Continuing the trend of the day it was another close call and a 3-2 decision from the judges that gave the Swiss freestyle specialist the win. Treboux successfully pulled a Puneta 540 and a one-handed clew-first Spock to impress with the technical difficulty scores, but failed to land a clew-first Puneta.

Keeping it on a knife-edge, Moreno completed a stylish combo of Spock into a clew-first Spock, a one-footed forward loop, and a shuvit before crashing a ponch that may well have swung the decision to her favour.

An elated Treboux explained the final from her perspective for us. ‘I tried to go into the clash relaxed and positive –I also always listen to my favorite tunes because I sometimes get a little nervous against Daida. It didn’t start well as I crashed my first trick, but somehow I relaxed again and strung some nice tricks together. I really hope I can stay focused and on top of the tree for the double elimination’

The first start tomorrow is at 10.30 and the plan is to run slalom in the morning and to start a 2nd freestyle single elimination in the afternoon.

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