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Windsurfing - 27. July 2007.

The 2007 Fuerteventura PWA Grand Slam - Day 7

Women’s Double Elimination 1

Yoli De Brendt (Fanatic /North) made a breakthrough in the women’s double elimination when she beat Iballa Moreno (North) for a shot against the final four contenders.

Daida Moreno/photo pwa carter

De Brendt loved the flatter conditions, which were similar to her home spot in El Yaque, Venezuela. Margarita's top female competitor showed us a full range of switch tricks and jumps to earn a tie against Nayra Alonso (Fanatic / Severne) of Gran Canaria.

All in all Alonso stuck a solid 4-heat streak together today beating Junko Nagoshi (F2 / Simmer), De Brendt and Silvia Alba before she finally fell exhausted at the hands of Laure Treboux (Naish / Naish). ‘I managed to put all the moves today’ she explained. ‘Forwards, planing spocks, grubbies plus all the usual stuff. I was a bit scared in the morning as all the girls here can beat anyone on their day, but I was in a really good state of mind this morning. Against Laure I lost it though. All the concentration I had was gone and I just wasn’t in the same zone. Tiredness really affected me and I crashed more or less everything I tried in that heat’

Treboux reveled in the flat parts of the course, pulling clew first Spocks, Punetas, e-sliders and grubbies. After beating Alonso she challenged single elimination runner-up Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard / NeilPryde).

Initially the heat went Treboux’s way. She completed an E-slider, a Clew-first Puneta and a Grubby whilst Offringa completed a Flaka an E-slider and a Puneta too. Most people expected her to go for the Switch Chacho too but time ran out and the judges deemed she’d done enough to make the final against Daida Moreno (North)

The final opened up at a frightening pace. Both girls opened with one-handed Spocks and Moreno launched full pelt into high speed Flaka and a Clew-first Spock. Sticking to the windier parts of the course her assault continued. An E-Slider 540, a forward, and a one-footed forward all added to the sliding tricks and spelt disaster for Offringa who could only reply with a flaka and sketchier switch moves compared to her usual high standards. A unanimous decision from the judges awarded the 2006 champion the victory eliminating the need for a re-sail.

The first round of the second single elimination was started but abandoned, as the wind was just too light to continue. Instead, during the odd gust along the shoreline, the competitors entertained the crowds by coming at full speed into the super shallow water to twist Goytas, Wymeroos and much, much more off the tiny waves lapping at the shore.

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©PWA / Brian McDowell
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