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Billiards - 20. April 2007.

The 2007 Amway WPA Women's World 9-ball Championship is over

The 2007 Amway WPA Women's World 9-ball Championship is over. Xiaoting Pan, who has been so dominate on this years WPBA Tour, has claimed the World Champion Title.

A strong WPBA showing as defending 2-time Champion Ga-Young Kim, Kelly Fisher, Kim White and Xiaoting Pan all made it into Sunday's quarterfinals. Ga-Young was defeated by Rubilen Amit 7-2, Xiaoting Pan, in a rematch of the Great Lakes Classic, defeats Kelly Fisher with, oddly enough, the exact same score 7-3. Kim White was eliminated by Japan's Y. Hamanishi, 7-2. This left Xiaoting Pan as the only WPBA member advancing to the semi-finals where she defeated P.C. Tsai of Chinese Tapei 9-4.

The finals found Xiaoting Pan against Rubilen Amit in a race to 11. Although having had a strong showing from Rubilen in the semi and quarterfinals, especially defeating World Champion Ga-Young Kim, she just couldn't muster the strength to defeat Xiaoting. Xiaoting claims her first WPBA title and the World Championships within two weeks of each other. With the WPBA San Diego Classic coming up a week from now, can anybody halt the Xiaoting Express? Stay with us at WPBA.com to follow along.

Congratulations to Xiaoting Pan for joining, yet again, another exclusive membership.......World Champion!

For further information concerning the event, brackets have been listed below:


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