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Cycling - 07. August 2007.

SWICA Created to Reinvigorate Idaho Women's Cycling

SWICA Velo Women is a group of women affiliated with the SouthWest Idaho Cycling Association who are focused on growing and enhancing women's fitness and competitive cycling in Southwest Idaho. SWICA Velo Women will work cooperatively with the all the more than one dozen local USA Cycling clubs.

All women cyclists, whether members of a local club or not, are welcome to participate with SWICA Velo Women. The founders envision women’s focused skills clinics, rides, coaching, programs and other events. Specific events will be announced soon.

As part of this effort, Marti Stephen has accepted appointment as the SWICA Women's Cycling Coordinator and can serve as a contact point for anyone interested in SWICA Velo Women. [email protected]

SWICA Velo Women initial clinic ideas and support have come from cycling enthusiasts like, Cat 1 sprinter and USA Cycling Women's National/Olympic Team Masseur Laura Downey, veteran official/kinesiology professor Shelly Lucas, multiple masters state champion Ellie Rodgers, cat 3 racer/spin instructor Liz Williams. Additional advice and support come from Jane

O’Driscoll Montana Bike Racing Association’s Women's Coordinator and Kim Cunningham of DeFeet Products. Others involved in the early conversations include local official Leah Padaca and racer Renee Kline.

Anyone who would like to help enhance Women’s Cycling is invited to be part of SWICA Velo Women. It is intended as a collective effort to grow the cycling community.

With its history of hosting one of the premier women’s bike races in the world, the Idaho Women’s Challenge, Southwest Idaho was once a hotbed of developing women cyclists and racers. Although men’s competitive cycling continues to grow in the area, the past few years have seen a 30% drop in women’s licensed racers. The creation of SWICA Velo Women and the

appointment of Marti Stephen to the new post of SWICA Women’s Cycling Coordinator both arose as a response to that trend. Both efforts are intended to help develop and maintain a supportive environment to enhance women’s fitness and competitive cycling.

SWICA is the USA Cycling licensed local association for South West Idaho. More information is available online at www.idahobikeracing.org and at www.usacycling.org.

You can contact Marti Stephen [email protected] for additional information or to offer your time and assistance.

This Article Published 2007-07-30 15:04:07 For more information contact: [email protected]

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