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Beach Volleyball - 09. September 2007.

SWATCH FIVB Junior World Championships: ready for the medals

Modena, Italy, 2007

Tomorrow (Sunday), Brazilian Barbara Seixas will try to win her second gold medal in the SWATCH-FIVB Junior World Championships. She will attempt it with a new companion: "With Carolina we have decided to split up 'cause we are both quite short and we had problems concerning the block", said Seixas.

The game with the Dutch has proved to be more difficult than expected, at least for what concerns the second set, that the South Americans have conquered only with a struggle. Seixas has scored some of the crucial points, but it was Lili, in the end, who determined the access to the final.

"I'm most happy" said Liliana "Lili" Simoer Maestrini. "The Dutch have played well today, we knew this team already, they have a difficult way of playing, but we ended up being better. Tomorrow, the Australians will try to win the golden medal just like us. This has been our objective all along and we want to go home with the golden medal around our neck. This is my first international final and I would like to finish the tournament in the best way, celebrating with Barbara something truly important. In 2005, I have left indoor in order to put all myself to beach volleyball and I would love to get many satisfactions".

In the menawhile, in the first women semifinal, the Australians have defeated the Spanish 2-0. The Aussies have played a very good match, where the red furies have repeated the good performance of the past days. From the beginning of the second set the better shape of the girls in the red tops has come out and made the difference, as they closed the game 21-14.

"It was a very good second set" confirmed Becchara Palmer, "we have suffered a little in the first set because the Spanish have played really well. Now, we must think about the final. It will be a great result for us, it'll be our best result and against the Brazilians, it will be hard, but we will try to give it all away in order to run off an excellent final and then... who knows."

Women's finals
3rd/4th place: Liliana-Baquerizo - Van Iersel-Wesselink
1st/2nd place: Palmer-Rohkamper - Lili-Seixas

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