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Athletics - 07. February 2008.

Suzy Degazon reports from the Surf City Marathon

At 4.30am my friend Tammy who was doing the half marathon collected me. It was pitch black outside and had been raining all night!! It was still raining as we drove down to Huntington Beach. We arrived early and there was not the usual mound of runners stretching or warming up.. Just the race volunteers in rain jackets organizing various stations. A half hour before the marathon was to start there was still no huge lines for the porta potties , it was still raining and runners were huddled up inside a huge tent with plastic bags being the main fashion statement!


The gun went off for the marathon at 6.50am, I was near the start line and there was not the usual claustrophobic feeling normally felt at the beginning. The runners were spaced out and I just wanted to get this 26.2 miles as finished as quick as possible so I could go back to the warmth of the car!!

I was grateful for my Brooks vapor jacket as it kept out the chill of the winds which were making the rain all the more uncomfortable, I was going at a good pace. I tried to run my own race and at mile 14 I looked at my polar monitor and still had not hit 2 hours! Wow I thought I am going a good pace, so I used the rest room, and slowed a little so I could finish strong.


I was taking hammer gel every hour and just because it was raining and wet I did not forget my endurolytes. The half marathon had taken off an hour after the marathoners and they were now mingled with the field. The route was flat and would have been very scenic if the rain had not been blinding my vision!!

At mile 20 I began to feel as if I was warming up, and I started to run more relaxed and a little faster I started to over take runners and I even took off my jacket, the last .2 miles was finally in my vision I could see the finish line and I surged forward to finish in a very respectable 3hours and 41 minutes I was really happy. My friend Tammy was at the line and finished her half marathon in 2hours 3 minutes and with the disability of MS was a fantastic effort!

With the surf board medal around my neck, the rain finally stopping, Tammy and I made our way to the car!

Thanks to Brooks USA for my great gear, Hammer nutrition, Polar monitors, Hawaiian Tropic, Rudy Project, Fuel belt and to AVON of Puerto Rico who will give a donation to Breast Cancer for my efforts in the marathon.

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