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WSR went on holiday with the Sun Shots product and came back in one piece. The protection was 25+. I used the cream every day in and out of the sun and it kept out the UV rays like it states. We had no burns but like all creams you have to keep re-applying it. The cream has a really nice scent to it and rubs in really nicely. I would have preferred it in a plastic bottle as it was difficult to keep closing the paper pouch and not getting it all over everything.

I would give the product 8/10

The sun is the biggest cause of Skin Cancer and Skin Ageing, with skin cancer rates increasing faster that any other cancer in the UK.

The importance of protection from UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays is increasingly well recognised, but it is easy to be caught out by the inconsistent British weather. You can never tell when you’ll need to cover up, with sun lotion… or an umbrella!

SunShots® single use pouches, with 5 star UVA protection, are ideal to purchase exactly when the need arises, and also so handy to keep in your car, bag or pocket for any emergency.

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