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Sports Bra's from Lessbounce.com

WSR were thrilled when we tried and tested a number of sports bra’s from Lessbounce.com. We tested their top 5 bra’s and I understand why they are their top 5. They all got 5 star ratings from me and my testers. I could not fault one of them which is quite amazing. For big busted ladies above a D Cup the Enell tested by Denise would be the best buy, anything C cup and below, I really would have no problem having any of the bra’s we tested. None of them came with underwiring.

1, Enell Sports Bra-Endorsed by Oprah

This bra was tried and tested by Denise Meyers (50). Denise plays netball three times a week and has never found a bra to support her ample chest. This is Denise's review.

As a large busted women, I have tried many sports bras in my time. I have never had one that has given me as much support as this one, I have been trying out.
The Enell is fantastic, not only is it very supportive, but it is also comfortable. It has thick shoulder straps, it is a full bra well made, easy to put on, it is actually like a second skin. It also washes well too, I have washed this bra a number of times and it has not lost any of its elasticity.

With most sports bras when you are running or jumping around your breasts go in all directions they are meant to be supported but they are not. With this Enell bra they stay were they are meant to be in the bra, supported bearly moving, so much so when I was running around the netball court for the first time in many many years, I was not concious of my breast. Your breast may move a little bit, but they do not bounce up and down like a yoyo they are still comfortable and firmly in place just what you need when you are a big busted women doing sport!
I will definitely tell my friends about this bra, and I would recommend it to all sports women, no matter what size they are. I will be buying more of these for sure. Thanks WSR letting me try it out, it is a fantastic sports bra.


Shock Absorber

Another fantastic sports bra, comfortable, washable and does the job 110%. I have used it running, playing netball and in the gym. Nothing moves around, full concentration on the sport you are playing. It has the thick but shapely straps with soft material on the shoulders. I am a 36 C, so not small breasted, was so happy with this bra, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Triumph Tri-Action Extreme sports bra

First impressions, I thought this cannot be any good it looks like a normal bra, but boy I was wrong. It has the wide straps for comfort and good support with soft material on the shoulders and it supports everything, how it does it, I don't know but again an amazing sports bra by Triumph.


4, Sportjock Action Sport Supplex

Less bounce sent us their new Candy Pink Sport jock bra, gorgeous colour I had so many comments from my buddies in the gym. You don't normally see such a lovely pastel colour. You can wear this bra as a top, under a tiny strap top, it looks fantastic. I tryed it out again for netball and running and could not fault it at all. It is so comfortable and washes really well.


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