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Spider-Tech-Kinesiology Tape


Over the past few weeks have you thought…what is that blue tape sports people are wearing on their bodies?



“Spiders” are they answer – they are a non-medicated cotton tape that is applied to the body wherever it hurts or needs support. Taping was developed decades ago in Japan.  The intention was to support the body’s own healing processes with a special material utilising a particular application technique.  The effect of the taping relieves pain and supports muscles and joints to ensure they are in the correct alignment or position for both exercise and recovery.


SpiderTech has now taken these principles and developed a cutting edge product that is helping sports men and women at every level perform at their best.



How does a ‘spider’ work?

The tape has a very specific elasticity built into the weave pattern of the cotton fabric which mimics the elasticity and thickness of human skin, allowing it to integrate, support and stabilise without adversely affecting healthy ranges of motion. This allows maximum performance ability, without pain or strain.  It works in several ways to provide pain relief, reduce swelling, assist a range of movement and give structural support;



          It takes pressure off painful areas which decreases tension through weak or inflamed muscles and tendons, therefore reducing the pain and further damage caused if the patient has to continue to use the joints, for work, day to day activities etc.

          It relaxes muscles. Depending on how it is applied, the tape is thought to activate stretch receptors in the skin which feed back to influence the control of the muscle tension under the skin or activate muscle spindles within the muscle. This increases the activity and endurance of the muscle.

          It promotes recovery. When applied to the skin with stretch, the tape naturally wants to recoil. As a result it lifts the skin and fascia to allow blood flow to increase which is thought to speed up the recovery process.


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