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Spanish Kiteboarding sensation Gisela Pulido

WSR Introduces Spanish Kiteboarding Champion Gislea Pulido
1 When and why did you start to Kiteboard?
My father is a great fan of nautical sports, windsurfing, surfing and when kitesurfing arrived in Spain, my father started to practice. I always saw him flying and surfing on the sea, and I saw how much fun he was having. I asked him if he would teach me, He told me that I was crazy but in the end I convinced him to buy me a small foil of 3m, and I began to practice in the sand. I have been practising flying since I was six. In the summer of 2003 the breeze was light , I asked if I could go and practise on the water. My father put the harness on me and I started sailing.

7 Do you ever get stressed travelling around so much?
Travelling is one of the best things of being a professional kitesurfer. When you travel you get to know many countries and meet many friends, and it's always very exciting to go Kitesurfing in new places

2 When did you enter in your first competition?
Before beginning to practice kitesurfing, I swam alot and I participated in the childlike events. I had always liked to compete but in Spain there were no available competitions. I went to France to compete in The European Junior Cup when I was 9 years old.
3 Your best result so far?
My palm groves is:
Champion of Europe Junior 2003
KPWT Champion of the World 2004
KPWT Champion of the World 2005
Champion of World Wave Masters 2005.
Champion of Spain 2006
In Kitesurfing there are two world tours, the Kiteboard Professional World Tour KPWT and the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association PKRA, that is to say that there are two champions of the world. I could not participate in the PKRA because they have a minimum age of 14 years but in the competition of the PKRA of Fuerteventura of this summer 2006 they invited me to to participate. I obtained the one that without doubt is my most important victory to date, I conquered Germany's Kristin Boese the World Champion in PKRA. Kristin is a very good rider. I always look at her videos and saw the tricks that she does, like handlepass, tricks to wrapped, or to blind. I knew it was going to be very hard to beat her. To conquer her was one of my dreams and I surpassed that at the age of 12.

4 What do you feel when you are out there on the water?
I feel that I am free to enjoy the sea and the wind and that motivates me alot to progress in my sport. I am very happy practicing Kitesurfing.
5 If you had not kiteboarded professionally, what other sport would you have taken up?
The truth is that I have never thought about it. but I do practice many sports aside from the Kitesurfing . I snowboard in the winter, skateboard if there is not much wind, surf if there’s good waves in Tarifa and also I play soccer with my friends at school. I like a lot of different sports.
6 Did you enjoy kiteboarding straight away or did it take you a while to realise that this was the sport for you?
When kitesurfing came to my attention, I was already sailing, I learned to do the tricks very fast, and when I went to my first competition,I knew that this sport was for me.
Check out Gisela's Website www.giselapulido.com
8 How does competition for the men and women differ ie championships played, money etc?
The level of the men competition is alot higher than the women's , also the number of boys is greater therefore they win more money but the judges judge the difficulty in the same way
9 Have you ever had any major injuries ?
No, I have never had a big injury. I have had small accidents coaching but I utilize systems of very good security and I look at a good place to practice Kitesurfing. Places without rocks and I don’t do difficult things far from the edge.
10 Can you earn good money or do you have to rely on Sponsorship?
With the prizes that I win in the competitions you can afford to travel to the events and have a little excess but it is important to have good sponsors to be professional
11 Do you enjoy any other sports?
I love to watch soccer above all, especially my favorite team FC Barcelona as they also sponsor me.
12 How do you feel last season went?
This year I’m having a very good season. In November of last year I was in Austria in the Diagnostic Training Center of Red Bull, another of my sponsors and there we planned some training. This season I have had 6 victories in 8 events.
13 What are your thoughts for 2007?
In the PKRA I could not compete, but is possible that they will authorize me for next year. Competing in both world tours the KPWT and the PKRA and to win them, is one of my thoughts for the 2007. We are speaking with Nutrexpa and it is possible that I will do the TV spot for Cola Cao, another of my thoughts.
14 What do you enjoy doing when you are not kiteboarding and taking part in other sports?
I like to go to the cinema with all my friends, I like to watch terror movies! Enjoying the beach when there is not much wind. Speaking with my friends on the computer, watching a little television. Going out on my bike.
15 Can you give 2 tips to other girls who would like to start kiteboarding?
Girls go and practice Kitesurfing it is one of the best sports in the world!! From the moment you catch a kite in the sand you will love it. When you take it to the sea you cannot imagine how wonderful it it...Happy Kiteboarding


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