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Sorbo-Pro Insoles

Sorbothane Pro Insoles

Sorbo-Pro Insoles, which provide the highest possible level of shock absorption for the foot. Suitable for use in all kinds of sports shoes, they support the arch of the foot and keep the ankle joint properly aligned so as to minimise the risk of pain and injuries. In addition, they incorporate a long-lasting anti-bacterial treatment that helps to keep shoes fresh and hygienic. Intended to replace a standard insole, they afford outstanding comfort and are very durable, continuing to provide good cushioning even after extended and repeated use. They may be used while performing everyday chores or while engaged in the most demanding physical sports and training sessions.

Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Insoles  - £20 www.amazon.co.uk

  • The Sorbothane Sorbo-Pro insole provides supreme shock impact protection
  • Suitable for all sports footwear
  • With a unique shock absorbing compound to provide sustained cushioning with impact protection and unrivalled comfort
  • Features an anti-bacterial top sheet system with advanced nano silver technology to wick away moisture
  • Available in sizes UK 3-12.5
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