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Solar Sports

6-Pack - our price: £19.00

DuoPack - our price: £7.75

What caught my eye first of all was the name really; Solar Sport 6-pack. Doesn’t that immediately make you think of a well shaped and attractive 6-pack? Not only did it make me picture a sexy, tanned six pack to enjoy, but I was definitely impressed with the design and compact layout of the Solar Sport 6 pack!

The pack includes 6 small 25ml spray cans: Shave Oil, Bug Shield, Foot Spa, Breath Freshener, Anti Perspirant and Sunscreen. All in one tidy little case for people who lead an active lifestyle.

Because of the compact layout, you can carry it around in your bag on an everyday basis or even clip it on your belt with the handy belt loop that was built into the overall package design.
How many times have you said “Oh no I have forgotten my deodorant and I could really do with some right now!”, this happens to me regularly, especially when I go to the gym. Now I don’t have any excuse, it’s there and small enough to not take up any space to worry about.

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solarsport_tiny_spray.jpgTINY & HANDY!



Below are reviews of each product available in the Solar Sport Six Pack - which can be purchased in one or separately to refill the 6-pack:



The Shave Oil: has a lovely fragrance of aromatherapy oils including Eucalyptus to offer that cooling effect after shaving.
We tried it on the legs and face, found it to be very effective and left the skin very soft and smooth.



The Bug Spray: We took this on holiday to Mallorca where we sprayed the whole family, children and adults. It kept the bugs away at night and during the day, and kept the kids free of those nasty itchy and annoying bites. So we were very happy with the result of the Solarsport Bug Spray. 



Foot Spa: We all get tired feet and more so when we are working out and leading an active lifestyle. I tried the foot Spa after a shower, which felt very refreshing and dried quickly. The fragrance is menthol and contains lavender for that relaxing finish. I also tried it during the day when running from A to B, the fragrance stayed for the duration, so when I got home and took my shoes off, my feet still smelled pleasantly. This is a definite must for athletes and people who lead busy lifes and spend a majority of their working time on their feet.




Anti Perspirant: The deodorant was the most important part of the pack for me, everyone uses it, and we all rely on a product to last throughout the day. The fragrance is very soft and unique. I was impressed with how quickly it dried and the fact that it left no marks or stains. I still smelled sweet at the end of my busy day, that little bottle would last you a good few weeks.



Sun Screen: The Sunscreen is factor 15 and worked well. I used this on myself for the week. The temperature was around 35 degrees Celsius every day, so I needed to be sure it would work before putting it on the kids. As the bottle is quite small the contents won’t last that long, but they are available to buy individually to restock the sixpack. How tiresome is it to go out for the day and have to carry big bottles of sunscreen around. This is where the Solar Sport 6-pack comes into its own and why it was obviously designed in this specific way. The sunscreen even works on the skiing slopes, with the sun reflecting from the snow, hence the strength of it increases. This is a definite must!  



The Breath Freshener: The breath freshener was tested and liked by all. The taste was minty fresh and left your mouth feeling alive and the freshness lasted for hours. It was really strong and actually felt like you had just brushed your teeth.





All in all, the tiny compact Solar Sport 6-pack is now an essential part of my sports bag. You really appreciate the fact that it’s small and hardly noticeable. When you’re carrying a lot of sports clothes etc you try and keep your bag as light as possible. The Solar Pack enables you to do this. A perfect present for all your friends with many different lifestyles, it would suit all of them in one way or another.This handy Solar Sport 6-pack can now be purchased through womensportreport.com at a reduced readers fee. We also resell single bottles to refill your 6-pack when you use up one of the sprays.So order YOUR 6-pack now and get one for your active friends and family members – you know it’ll come in handy!


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