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Small Steps to Better Heart Health

Small Steps to Better Heart Health

Heart problems are recognized as one of the most common causes of death in women. Even female athletes with years of experience still take certain steps to better protect themselves from potential heart issues.

Of course, similar steps can be taken by anyone. While heart diseases are common and can lead to death, they are also very preventable. A simple change in lifestyle and other small steps can go a long way in preventing heart problems, and here are just a few of those changes you can make.

Routine Exercise

Adding routine exercise to your daily schedule is one of the first things you can do to lower the risk of heart problems. You don’t have to resort to doing heavy exercise routines like a professional athlete to benefit from exercising regularly. A 20-minute walk every morning or evening is more than enough.

The key here is not the intensity of your exercise, but rather your consistency. Doing light exercise every day works better to prevent heart problems than hitting the gym hard every couple of weeks. Besides, it is easier to turn lighter exercise into a habit than to adjust to heavier exercise regimes.

Have Some Fruit

Fruit is also good for improving your heart, particularly when they contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C. Eating an apple or a banana is a good start. Having fresh orange juice in the morning and ending the day with a bowl of fruit salad is also highly recommended.

Eating fruit also helps your body maintain balance. Fruits often contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body to metabolize properly. Study your daily dietary requirements, the food you consume, and the right fruits to have in order to fill gaps in your diet.

Use Supplements

Speaking of meeting your dietary requirements, it is also recommended to consume supplements as a way to balance your nutrient intake. If you are looking for supplements designed to improve the cardiovascular health, you should take a look at Immunocorp.

This company has several supplements that focus on providing nutrients for the heart while improving the rest of the body. The Arctic Ruby Oil from Immunocorp, for example, contains fatty acids and nutrients that immediately improve cardiovascular health.

Schedule Your Meals

When you consume your meals is just as important as what you consume. A healthy diet isn’t just about choosing what you eat, but it’s about scheduling your meals so that the body can absorb nutrients more effectively.

For breakfast, you want to have fiber and lean protein. Snacking before lunch or in the afternoon is also recommended, since this helps prevent you from consuming bigger meals for lunch and dinner. You can even have some fruit to help balance things off.


Another thing you want to pay attention to when trying to prevent heart problems is your daily routine. Yes, regular exercise is important – it is a great start too – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention to the rest of the day.

If you work in front of a computer or you find yourself sitting down for the most part of the day, adding short bouts of movement every hour or so is highly recommended. Stretch your body and return to the ideal sitting position so you don’t end up putting more stress on your body than you need to.

Calm the Mind

Stress is something you need to start managing to lower the risk of heart disease. Stress forces the body to release cortisol, which triggers a faster heart rate and more stress to the heart itself. You want to be able to manage your stress level to prevent this from happening frequently.

Try to master controlled breathing to get started with better stress management. As simple as it may sound, breathing in a controlled way helps relax the mind and returns you to a calm state. If breathing doesn’t work, walk away from the stressors and find some distractions.

Avoid Calories in Drinks

Most of your calories should be from meals, especially since you can balance your calorie intake by exercising more. What you don’t want to do is add to your calorie intake through drinks. Beverages that contain a lot of sugar are not the best drinks for your cardiovascular health.

Switching soda and frappuccinos with water amplifies the health benefits further. You are not only avoiding the extra calories from these drinks, but also consuming more water for the body to absorb.

Avoid Bad Habits

Last but certainly not least, you want to start dropping bad habits that affect the health of your heart. Smoking is at the top of that list of bad habits to drop immediately; and no, vaping is not better either. Excessive drinking and misuse of over-the-counter medications is also best avoided.

By taking these simple steps, you are reducing the risk of a heart disease by a substantial margin. Since these steps are easy to take, there is no reason why you should not get started today.

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