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Skins Ice Review

Review 1


I work as a Health and Recreation officer at The LED Gym in Honiton Sports Centre in Devon.

I was asked by Womensportreport to review the Skins products in some of my fitness classes aswell as endurance running.

The tight fit of the Skins fit along the muscles and stops vibration which in turn stops aching and soreness after exercise. You feel completely secure and extremely comfortable inside the tight fit clothing, you feel like the muscles are working with you and not against you.




I ran my regular routine while wearing the Skins Ice to compare how my body/muscles felt afterwards. After running up hills I usually experience muscle burn and muscle fatigue, this was not the case while wearing the Skins, my muscles felt like they were working with me not against me. I was very surprised and extremely happy, how can a piece of clothing make such a difference?

The weather has been warm lately and while exercising in the Skins I could not feel a difference to my body temperature. If there was a breeze, you could feel the air flowing through the mesh material in the crotch and arm areas, this kept me feeling fresh and invigorated throughout.



I also used the Skins top and long bottoms during a body pump class, which I have around 25 members. They all loved my outfit and were very interested to know what I thought of it.

I felt I really looked the part and I stood out from everyone else, which was great!!!

The classes are very challenging and with the weather as hot as it has been I perspire a lot. Most clothing after and during sweating becomes very cold and wet, the Skins absorbs the sweat very quickly leaving your skin at a good temperature. I would definatly continue wearing the Skins Ice for my exercise classes and will recommend the clothing to my clients.


Review 2

I tried out the Skins top during a recent netball match and also while working out in the gym.
The feel of the clothing is wonderful, very soft and silky and really doesn’t feel like you have anything on.

The mesh material lets the air flow through keeping you nice and cool; this is the main idea of the Skins Ice Clothing and one that would definitely make my decision to buy it.



All my friends loved the clothing; it stands out and looks the business. The clothing comes with special sprays to keep them at the highest level throughout wear and tear.

One thing I would say is I much preferred using the Skins top outside to in the gym. Even after around 20 minutes of exercise my body was warm, not wet and cold like I was expecting.




I was very pleased with the Skins Clothing, extremely impressed with the overall package, bag and spray that it comes with. A very high quality item and because of this I would recommend it at the highest level. I can definitely understand why this clothing is used by so many athletes, especially triathletes


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