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Six Incredible Health Benefits of Consuming Omega Fatty Acids

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When striving to obtain your absolute best health, there is real science behind it, as everything has to be in balance where your body is concerned. All too often, people focus on just a few specific areas, while others are completely ignored, which means you miss out on all kinds of opportunities to better your health. You may think that dieting and counting calories are the best route to achieve the ideal health, but in reality, you’re just covering one small component.

Omega fatty acids are something that has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years as more and more people become aware of just how important they are to your overall health. What may have once been a passing afterthought is now something that people are much more aware of and many are now seeking out ways to ensure they get their daily dose. So, what’s the big deal about omega fatty acids? Well, the list of health benefits is actually pretty extensive. Here we’ll take a look at six standout reasons you’ll want to start consuming them.

A Powerful Weapon in Fighting Anxiety and Depression

According to statistics, there are more than 40 million adults here in the United States that suffer from an anxiety disorder. It's also very common for those with anxiety disorder to also battle depression, whether it is a mild form or severe. Some studies show that one way you can fight anxiety and depression is to ensure you’re getting enough omega-3.

Researchers have found that people who consume an adequate amount of omega-3 on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from anxiety and/or depression. Omega-3 can be broken down into three fatty acids, which are DHA, EPA, and ALA. In terms of effectiveness, EPA is the most effective and may even be as powerful as taking an antidepressant.

Lower Your Risk of Developing Heart Disease

It has also been shown that eating enough omega-3 can lower your risk of developing heart disease, which can then lead to strokes and heart attacks. They work by helping to reduce inflammation in the body, prevent plaque from developing in your arteries. This helps to reduce the risk of developing blood clots, it can lower blood pressure, it can help lower your triglyceride count, and is classed as the "good" cholesterol.

Decrease the Symptoms Associated with Mental Disorders

For those who suffer from mental disorders such as bipolar disease, and schizophrenia, as well as mood swings, omega-3 can help to limit the symptoms. It can work to cut back on the frequency and severity of the symptoms in some people.

Give Your Joints and Bones a Healthy Boost

If you have arthritis or osteoporosis, omega-3 can be a welcome addition to your wellness plan. It has been shown that it can increase the amount of calcium in your bones, which then makes your bones stronger. It can even help to alleviate joint pain associated with arthritis in particular.

It Can Help in Weight Loss

Some studies have also shown that omega can help in weight loss. Not all studies are in agreement on this health benefit, however, so keep in mind it's not meant to be a magic solution. Rather, it can help with other lifestyle changes in your diet and how active you are.

It Can Reduce Your Risk of Developing Cancer

Omega-3 and 6 have also shown it may have some effectiveness in reducing a person's risk of developing cancer later in life, specifically rectal and breast cancer. This is still a link that is being researched to see just how much of an impact it has on reducing the risk.

Where to Find Omega Fatty Acids

Now that you’re convinced that you could benefit from these omegas, the next question is where you can find them. There are a number of foods that contain omega-3, which is the one that benefits your brain and body. These include such items as salmon, anchovies, sardines, flaxseeds, shrimp, chia seeds, kidney beans, walnuts, and hemp seeds. With that said, it can still be hard to consume enough omegas through the food you eat. This is why a supplement may be a good option.

The Metagenics Omegagenics from https://blueskyvitamin.com/nsearch/?q=Omegagenics offer all kinds of different formulations meant to achieve your daily dose of omegas. You'll find them in capsule and liquid form, allowing you to customize how you will take them. Omega supplements are the perfect way to fill the gap and ensure you’re always getting enough.

Omega Fatty Acids – the Secret to Great Health

With their incredible health benefits, omega fatty acids could just be your secret to great health. It’s just a matter of ensuring that you are consuming enough, that the omega is good quality, and that you consume it on a regular basis.

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