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SI Shin Pads

S1 shin pads use a new and revolutionary way to give shin, ankle and achilles protection; designed for maximum comfort, and with washable undersections they eliminate shin pad odour and the need for tape.

SI Shin Pads


Premier League clubs including Wolverhampton Wanderers, Everton and Blackburn Rovers use them and Womensport report caught up with Chelsea Ladies captain and England international Casey Stoney, who is a keen advocate of them.


Stoney said: “I have been wearing the shin pads since 2007, when I went to the World Cup.  I was introduced to them by Rob who is the guy who runs the S1 shin pad company.


“The fact that you can wear a shin pad that is not directly on your leg which for me is good because, being a female player you have to shave your legs,” she added.


“If you shave your legs and wear shin pads you can get shin pad rashes and it can become quite comfortable.  Fortunately with these shin pads you don’t get any rash.


“To be honest with you it doesn’t feel like you are wearing shin pads and a lot of players don’t like wearing them so they are fantastic.”


As well as being comfortable, the shin pads are safe – something important to Stoney as a defender, she said: “I wouldn’t wear them if they weren’t [safe].


“You haven’t got to worry when you are going in for tackles so that is one less thing I have to worry about and I can focus on the game so it has helped massively.


“I wouldn’t wear anything else now, I really wouldn’t.  For me it is the best shin system I have come across and I wouldn’t wear it if it wasn’t.”

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