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Surfing - 08. October 2007.

Shu Hagiwara Wins the Billabong Pro Junior in Japan

HYUGA, Japan (Monday, Oct. 8, 2007)

Today was also a national holiday here in Japan and the waves were 2 to 3 feet with clean conditions all day. We crowned the pro junior, cadets, and girl’s champions. We also had an expression session that showed the fans some extreme surfing.

In the cadet semi finals Hiroto Arai and Taishi Kawabata came first and second. At semi final 2, Arashi Kato won the heat and in second was Kaito Ohashi who survived although he broke his surfboard. Arashi Kato won the final with a total of 14.10 points and also was crowned the grand champion of the ASP Japan Tour Cadet Champion. The runner up of the event was Kaito Ohashi who was leading the series until yesterday. 3rd was Hiroto Arai and Taishi Kawabata in 4th.

The expression session was called the “Billabong Pro Team Challenge”. The winning team was team 3T whose name came from the initials of Teppei Tajima, Izuki Tanaka and Naoto Takanashi.

The Pro junior girls event was also held to claim the members to surf at the WJC this coming January at Narabbeen. The winner was Nao Ohmura who scored a high score of 5.25 and backed it up with a 4.35. Asako Mizuno came in second and these two will represent Japan this coming January.

The Men’s pro junior semi finals were held and in heat 1, Kento Takahashi and Nobuyuki Osawa put on the show of the event. The lead changed every minute but finally Takahashi scored a 8.25 to secure a ticket to the final. Heat 2 surfers were the event defending champion as well as defending series champion Syu Hagiwara and Takahide Mayaguchi. Hagiwara won and moved into the final. The final was the two most promising pro juniors in Japan by the name Hagiwara and Takahashi.

Although Hagiwara did not secure a win all season he finally did it in the end. He also secured his spot in the WJC this coming January.

The ASP Japan Tour Pro Junior Champion is Nobuyuki Osawa, 2nd is Kento Takahashi, 3rd is Keito Matsuoka and in 4th is Syu Hagiwara. The final member will be decided at the end of the ASP WQS series season after Hawaii.

ASP Japan Tour WQS Grand Champion is Teppei Tajima as well as ASP Japan Tour Longboard Grand Champion is Eugene Teal.

Congratulations to all of the champions. But all competitors are the true champs! We look forward to seeing you all compete for the championship next year!

The 2007 ASP Japan Tour concluded today and we are looking forward to an epic season in 2008. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

The Billabong Pro Hyuga 2007 and Billabong Pro Junior Series 2007 events are proudly supported by the following sponsors:

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