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Tennis - 12. August 2007.

Sharapova out due to injury

Semi-Final Singles Matches
No. 3 Ana Ivanovic defeated No. 2 Jelena Jankovic 4-6, 6-3, 7-5
No. 4 Nadia Petrova defeated No. 1 Maria Sharapova Walkover

Doubles Matches
Molik/Santangelo defeated Poutchek/Rodionova 6-3, 6-2
Peschke/Stubbs defeated Dulko/M Kirilenko 6-4, 6-1

Sunday's Finals Matches
No. 3 Ana Ivanovic vs. No. 4 Nadia Petrova 2:00 pm
Molik/Santangelo vs. Peschke/Stubbs Not before 4:00 pm

Today's Notes:
Nadia Petrova defeated Maria Sharapova tonight via a walkover due to a left lower leg strain.

For No. 5 ranked and No. 3 seed Ana Ivanovic, this is the first time she will be playing in an East West Bank Classic Presented by Herbalife singles final at The Home Depot Center.

This afternoon I started feeling my muscle was getting tighter and tighter when I came here.
When I started to warm up it was getting worse and worse.
I could not lift my foot up on the serve.
I could not run to more than two or three balls.
It has happened very fast in the last couple of hours.
I was in the treatment room trying to get everything done to it but it did not help.

I do not know if it was with the bone thing that I had in San Diego or if I was compensating with the difference muscle.
When you do have the pain you can not even lift your foot up.
It is the muscle not the bone.
...Maybe the compensation maybe the tennis, it is just so weird how it came on.

I am here and I am an athlete and I love to compete. I would love to get on the court today and I have been playing some of my best tennis this year.
When you cannot play a 100% and you cannot lift your foot...

. I had it all.
Deep tissue
Ice bath
I even had acupuncture in my ear...
I have done it all in the last two hours.

I think if this is the same thing then in a couple oe of days I am going to be fine but right now I cannot hit for more than 10 minutes.
I am not going to sit here and say it is this or that cause I do not know.
I can function sitting on my butt and talk I am fine
But running around on the tennis court, no...
The doctor has seen these things before and was not optimistic
You still try and do everything you can.
Like I said based on my experience you never know but I hope it is only a couple of days.
Sorry guys eh.

It is always good to be in the final....It is quite disappointing as well.
I had a lot of people coming to watch me and support me.
I was actually looking forward to tonight’s match.

I was looking forward to that.

I had no idea when I went into the training room and saw a lot of people around her.
I started asking ‘what is going on’ when I saw all of those people.
She is always going in playing and it is rare she has to give up before the match.
I was told 20 minutes before the match.

I have not been I the final for a while and it is great and I am very excited to play in the finals.

I was pretty happy with that.
It was a tough match. She played really good tennis.
I played the best points when it was most important.
I never give up. I try and focus on each point. I try and take more time on my serve.

She is obviously a good player
I tried to step forward and give her less time. I had lots of winners and so did she so it was a tough match.

I got motivated. The crowd helped me a lot to be honest they supported me a lot. I wanted to fight for reach point. I managed to turn it back.

It was a very tough match. It was hot out there. I believe she was tired. I think we both played good until the every end.

She was very aggressive. She was serving very well. In the first set she dominated most of the rallies. I did not expect that. I tried to take more time and to look for my forehand. I knew I had to be aggressive and to take a crest because she is very dominating.

It gives me a lot of confidence. She is the third player in the world.
It was a tough match and a tough victory.
Tomorrow it is important to recover well. In the big picture looking towards the U.S. Open it is a big step for me.

It was a great week and a great test for my knee. It was good I played the first match today so I have more time to recover for tomorrow’s final

At the end of the day it does not matter who you play. You have this yellow thing and you have to play.

I had some chances and then it was 5-4. She made big serves. She had aces...
I had 40-love on my serve the next game.
I was flat and a little tired and out of gas.
At least today I played so much better than in my previous matches and I am happy about.
If course I am disappointed, but it is okay. I just have to learn form this.

I had one break and from one side it was more difficult. The wind was in my face. When she hit a hard ball I could not get it to her backhand.

She is quite powerful. She came up with great shots when she needed them.
On days when she is hitting it clean she is very, very good.

I was trying to play a lot to her backhand.
When you are late by half of a step you cannot control the ball.
I am a little bit out of shape with a cold and with vacation... I did not use my chances and the match did not go my way.

A few times I was late on a few shots and my racket was turning.
I was tired even after the second set.

Now the time for me to prepare and to get better and better.
Today was a huge step for me. The first few rounds I was asking myself ‘what are you doing on the court.

Against Ana there is something that does not suit my game. Some players you like to play and some players you don’t. I have to stay positive and go forward. Ana is playing quote well at the moment, She looks fresh.

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