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Score Band Watch



Well I was a bit sceptical about trying out the Scoreband, I thought do we really need it?

How many times have you forgotten the score of a tennis match?  How many times have you been receiving and you don’t know what the score is?

How many times when playing golf are you enjoying the scenery or being more interested in the players in  front of you.

Recently I have been playing golf with a friend, who usually likes to keep score on his phone, not sure if he's completely doing it right, so this was the ideal time to try a new system.

I read up on it before I started using it and came across very positive comments also it was the Winner of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show’s “Best Product Concept.”

There are several sizes and colours to choose from, so you’ll be able to find one (or more) that fits your style.

To sum it up, it’s a fine product. The watch itself is comfortable, stylish, lightweight, and quite useful, my daughter likes to take it and wear it but I am worried she is going to lose it.  I liked the modern color combinations that are offered. 

It just takes the worry away, you get so into your match you so often forget the score.

It has 4 different modes:
Time, AllScore, Golf, and Tennis. The Tennis mode keeps game and set score. ScoreBand is a comfortable and lightweight wristband that sits on your wrist and with just a simple click of a button it helps eliminate score confusion, allowing players to concentrate on their game.

You also can go back and forth between time, statistics, and scoring modes for both golf and tennis.



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