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Santini Ladies Charm Jersey


The description below says it all, a fantastic product by Santini. Quality at it's best. The best cycling product to date that the team at WSR have tried out, it was a struggle to only have one item as there was a fight on our hands.
If you are hunting for the right top look no further than the Charm Jersery, worth every penny.

The design of a cycling jersey lives on the razor's edge. Too tight, and blood flow is restricted; too loose, and it's flapping in the wind; too coarse, and -- well who would wear a burlap jersey, anyways? The point being is that cycling apparel is a hard to master. And that's why, while you see brands come and go, Santini is still being worn by the world's top cyclists after more than 50 years. The reason behind this is simple. Pieces like the Charm Women's Short Sleeve Jersey embody all of the qualities of hand-made, Italian design -- a precise fit, impeccable construction, and exclusive fabrics that're second-to-none.

To make the Charm jersey suitable for a wide range of climates, Santini constructed it from its Carezza fabric. This material is a two-way stretch microfiber that's lightweight, breathable, and highly conforming to the body. Its design weighs towards the airy end of the spectrum, with Santini recommending it for temperatures varying from the low 60s to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat tolerance is supported by a few key features. Of course, at the front of the jersey, there's a full-length zipper that's indispensable for dumping heat on-the-fly. And at the sleeves and rear of the jersey, Santini incorporated two open-mesh inserts that not only assist in the breathing and ventilation of the jersey, but they also support the precise, anatomic fit of the Charm.

After all, Santini knows that expensive, technical fabrics are moot when a jersey's fit is off. And in our opinion, fit is where Santini truly breaks off onto its own course. Knowing that the Charm isn't meant for lounging, Santini designed the cut to accommodate your body in the cycling position. What does this mean? Simple. The shape of everything from the seams to the hems are contoured, not only for the female body, but for the position of reaching from the saddle to the bars. And with Carezza's 20% elastane composition, you'll also experience the fabric conforming to your body, specifically. This system eliminates any bunching or chafing throughout movement.

For storage of your ride essentials, Santini included three rear pockets.


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