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Samsung WF7500 Front-Loading Washer Review

Samsung WF7500 Front-Loading Washer Review

How often do you start washing a load of laundry, only to find a stray vest, socks or a shirt you
need to include to your load? You have to either stop the load and throw in the stray clothe, or let
it wait until the next load. If that happens to you often, the five cubic feet Samsung AddWash
front load washer is the solution. The front panel features a small door that allows you to quickly
throw in your forgotten laundry piece while it’s still running.

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That’s not the only trick that this machine has up its sleeves. Here is the  full Samsung WF7500
review that will help you understand why we recommend this front loading washer for a busy
family’s laundry area. Let’s start with what you should expect:

        Smart Care App Control

If you’re planning to troubleshoot any issue with your appliance, Samsung offers a smart care
app that helps you to connect and solve any problem with the dryer and washer. You’re free to
connect the washer with the phone to receive alerts that help to track the amount of time left in a
cycle, set washing times and see when the laundry is done. All these functions can be performed
away from home.

To get started with smart control, insert your Smart Home Adapter and ensure you connect the
washer to the Wi-Fi network with the Samsung Smart Home application. That will enable you to
start using the washer remotely while shopping for groceries or at the office. However, you’ll
need to press the Smart Control button for three seconds and wait until the indicator blinks
before locking the washer’s door.

       Child Lock

As a parent, keeping the kids safe is the foundation of your family values. The WF7500 keeps
your children from starting the washer or changing its settings by locking all the buttons (except
the power button) on the machine. You can hold the Spin and Soil Level buttons and wait for
three seconds to activate this function.

     Steam Wash

Unlike most competitors, the Samsung WF7500 comes with a steam wash alongside special
foam function. These functions help to clean your laundry thoroughly, making it clean and fresh.
The feature uses water, air and a mixture of detergents to penetrate the fabric deeply.

     Price

Though it may seem like a high-end unit from its performance, it’s among the most reasonably
priced front-load washing machines on the market. This high-capacity washer is within the
$1500 price range, which is generally a bargain considering the great features it comes with. It’s
a brilliant long-term investment worth considering.

- High capacity
- Easy to add a forgotten piece
- Excellent steam wash cycles
- Strong warranty


- Not the cheapest choice on the market


The Samsung WF7500 is an excellent high-capacity washing machine with innovative features,
making it a great upgrade for your laundry room. Its capacity lets you clean large loads quickly,
thus saving a lot of time. It’s also great if you forget a few laundry pieces often, as you can add
them through the small Addwash door when the machine is still running. However, you’ll need
to dig a bit deep in your pocket to buy one though you’re sure to get the true value of your


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